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What to properly combine the vest?

What to properly combine the vest?

The classic version is longsliv vest with a blue and white strip. However, modern vest for women striking diversity.

So, how harmoniously fit vest in the image?

The best combination is a vest andjeans. But there are a few options. In the case of the vest, combined with faded jeans, sneakers and a massive bag had a magnificent set for the walk. And if you replace worn skinny jeans, sneakers to pumps with heels and a clutch bag on, you get a feminine image.

Beautifully will look vest with trousers. The most favorable combination is a blue-white vest and white pants thin. Adding to this sandals flat shoes, we get the classic image of the sea.

Saucy democratic image obtained with a combination of vest with chinos and sneakers.

Effectively looks monotonous with vestskirt draped floor. It is worth considering that this combination can visually add a few kilograms, so it will only fit slim girls.

Charming romantic image obtained with a combination of vest pleated skirt and adding a clutch and boats.

The universal solution is a combination of vest with denim shorts. In the summer can be diluted with a set of white shirt, ballet flats or sneakers and winter - thick tights and a cardigan.

Vest - stylish thing that should be in the wardrobe of every girl, but it is worth remembering about its visual impact, and properly dispose of it.

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