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What to plant in the country

What to plant in the country

In the country you can plant fruit, ornamental trees and shrubs. Flowers, berries here, too, are welcome.

Lovers of unusual exotic species can plant cucumbers, tomatoes.

Happy owners of suburban area mayput on it whatever your heart desires. However, each plant to thrive, you must first make a plan, think about what and where to plant.

Develop a plan of action

Before you begin landscaping onpaper or orally is about the plan. In the country you can plant fruit trees. They grow tall. To the trees are not shaded rest landing, they are placed on the north side of the site.
Another big plus of such landings in thatthey will block the other, low culture, from the cold wind. In the middle zone is now put not just the usual apples, pears, cherries, but cherries and apricots even.
Shrubs better place to trees oralong the fence - from the east and west sides. You can put the country currants: red, yellow, black, white. Gooseberry also find a place. If it scares "prickliness", get the bushes without thorns. Like the last species of sea buckthorn without needles, new varieties of gooseberry is also pleased with the lack of thorns.
If you want a summer feast of fresh carrots,sweet beetroot useful herbs, crumbly boiled potatoes, sweet peas, these and other vegetables, too, is easy to grow in the hacienda. Garden is located on the south side of the site, in front of the bushes and trees. It would be nice to give 2-3 beds at Strawberry.

Decorative culture

In addition to plants, which allow feast on vegetables, berries, fruits, can be planted at their summer cottage "food for the soul." It will delight the eyes.
First of all - it's flowers. Perennials do not need to be planted every year, but not only that their charm. They are beautifully decorate a flower and any hacienda. It rose, klimatis, lilies, peonies, daffodils.
Annuals also look great. Put tsinniyu Petunia. Such flowers at the cottage looks amazing. They do not require special care, as well as marigolds, asters, cornflowers, sweet peas, morning glory curly, Kobe. Recent good for vertical gardening, it will cover an ugly chain-link fencing, beautiful opletut discontinuous fence, closing review from the neighboring areas.
Take cover from prying neighbors' eyes do not helpOnly curly flowers and ornamental shrubs such as berberis. It can be cut. Such hedges will meet the tastes of the site owners. It looks beautiful in the area hosts arborvitae.
Lovers of the exotic can be grown in greenhouses are not only colorful tomatoes, Syria and the African mini-cucumber, and sweet melons, juicy watermelon.

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