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WHAT to plant in the country


What to put in the country</a>

At the cottage you can plant fruit, ornamental trees and shrubs. Flowers, berry crops here will also be welcome guests.

Lovers of the unusual can plant exotic species of cucumbers, tomatoes.

Happy owners of a summer residence canTo put on it everything that the soul desires. However, for each plant to feel great, you must first make a plan, think over what and where to plant.

Develop an action plan

Before beginning the improvement of the territory onPaper or an oral plan is drafted orally. You can plant fruit trees in the dacha. They grow tall. That the trees do not obscure the rest of the planting, they are placed on the north side of the site.
Another big plus of such landings is thatThey will block other, low crops, from the cold wind. In the middle belt, not only the usual apple, pear, cherry, but cherries and even apricots are now planted.
Shrubs are best placed in front of trees orAlong the fence - from the east and west sides. You can plant a dacha currant: red, yellow, black, white. Gooseberries also have a place. If he is frightened by his "prickles," then get bushes without thorns. Like the last species of sea-buckthorn without needles, new varieties of gooseberries are also pleased with the absence of thorns.
If you want to enjoy a fresh carrot in the summer,Sweet beets, useful herbs, crumbly boiled potatoes, tender peas, these and other vegetable crops are also easy to grow on a hacienda. The garden is located on the south side of the site, in front of bushes and trees. It would be good to give 2-3 rows for strawberries, strawberries.

Decorative crops

In addition to plants that allow you to eat vegetables, berries, fruits, you can put on the cottage "food for the soul." She will please the eyes.
First of all, these are flowers. Perennials do not need to be planted every year, but not only in this their charm. They beautifully bloom and decorate any hacienda. These are: rose, climates, lilies, peonies, daffodils.
Annuals also look great. Plant zinnia, petunia. Such flowers in the countryside look amazing. They do not require special care, like marigolds, asters, cornflowers, sweet peas, winding morning glory, kobei. The latter are good for vertical landscaping, they will cover the unsightly mesh of the rabitsa, beautifully weave an incomplete fence, closing the survey from the neighboring sites.
To hide from curious neighbor's eyes will help notOnly curly flowers, but also decorative shrubs, for example, barberry. It can be sheared. Such a hedge will meet the tastes of the owners of the site. The hosts are beautifully looking on the site, thuya.
Fans of exotic can grow in greenhouses not only colorful tomatoes, Syrian and African mini-cucumber, but also fragrant melons, and juicy watermelons.

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