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WHAT to make of old New Year's figures


What to make of the old New Year figures

Over time, all the Christmas tree toys grow dim and lose their place on the tree.

Do not rush to throw them away.

From such a toy, you can get an original figure to decorate the table.

You will need

  • -Head toys or toys from children's game set
  • -Components (glitters) for applied works
  • -Clean adhesive



Choose toys. Clean them, remove dust. If necessary, rinse and wipe dry.


Using a brush, apply a transparent adhesive to the entire toy. Glue can also be applied to areas where you want to glue glitters in the future.


Gently sprinkle a little spangles on your toy with glue. Do not touch until the glitter is completely stuck.


With the help of glue, you can stick a holder for Christmas toys or a thread for hanging. Your new toy statuette for decorating the table or the Christmas tree is ready.

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