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What to make of beads

Infinite variety of colors of beads

Beads - one of the oldest materials for crafts. Bead can be woven decoration or a small souvenir figure, it depends on the will and the imagination of the author.

In addition, almost all the nations of the beads used in embroidery, which adorn the clothes and household items.

Beads is known to mankind since the time of Ancient Egypt. Metal, porcelain, glass beads were used in the decoration of clothes, he carried out all kinds of accessories.

At the present time, along with a glass appeared cheaper plastic beads.

This material impresses with a variety of colors, endless possibilities of use cases, and most importantly, winning the texture and the fact that the color does not fade with time.

Types bead crafts

The simplest thing you can do from beads - thisbeads. Suffice strung on strong thread or fishing line weight beads - beads and ready. It is better if you make a few strands and Perevi them with each other. So turn out spectacular. You can use the beads of the same color as you can and colorful as prompt fantasy.
If the master beading, it at times will increase the possibility to use beads.
In the first place masters Beadingis the production of jewelry. This is all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, earrings. If the braid with beads cabochon stone or some other material, you get a beautiful pendant.
Many are addicted to manufacture figures of beads. This may be animal, vegetable or abstract theme. To create figurines are commonly used are no longer the line, and special wires.
One of the most frequent beadhandicrafts is an angel. This figure can give and for Christmas, and Easter, and birthdays. Variants of manufacturing angel figurines very much. It all depends on the skills and capabilities.

Schemes figures of beads is easy to get on the Internet.

It has become fashionable to do beadflowers. As a base wire is again used by which the beads are strung. In a way, bending and fixing the wire to give the petals, leaves, buds, and from which it is going to flower.
Another common type of needleworkIt is the beadwork. Such work is reminiscent of embroidery cross. But the product is a more vivid, glowing. Beaded embroidery clothing items. Sometimes embroidered paintings or embroidered items such as purses, handbags, all kinds of cases, etc ..

Exotic species use

In fact, many ways to beadwork. The peoples of the North, for example, still use beads for embroidery folk costumes, embroidered beaded garments, creating a very beautiful and unusual accessories and souvenirs. Biser is in harmony with the skin and fur.
And in Latin America, along with embroidery,beads used as a material for the mosaic. For this purpose the beads in order, as required by the drawing, spread on a prepared base. Multicolored patterns cover all sorts of figures. It turns out very bright and original.
Ability to use beads - many inexhaustible. The main thing is to have a great desire to create, to connect the imagination - and all will turn out.

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