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WHAT to make of beads


Infinitely color variety of beads</a>

Beads - one of the oldest materials for needlework. From the beads you can weave an ornament or a small figurine-souvenir, it depends on the desire and imagination of the author.

In addition, almost all peoples use beads in embroidery, which is decorated with clothing and household items.

Beads are known to mankind since the days of Ancient Egypt. Metal, porcelain, glass beads were used in decorating clothes, all kinds of accessories were made of it.

At the present time, along with glass, a cheaper plastic bead has appeared.

This material captivates with a variety of colors, an infinite opportunity for use cases, and most importantly, a winning invoice and the fact that the color does not fade with time.

Types of beaded needlework

The simplest thing that can be made from beads isBeads. It is enough to string a lot of beads on a strong thread or on a fishing line - and the beads are ready. It is better if you make several threads and translate them with each other. So it will be more effective. You can use beads of the same color, but you can also multi-colored, as fantasy tells.
If you master beadwork, then at times the opportunity to use beads will increase.
In the first place among the masters of beadworkRemains the manufacture of jewelry. It's all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, earrings. If a cabochon bead is made of stone or some other material, a wonderful pendant will turn out.
Many are fond of making figures from beads. These can be animals, plant or abstract motifs. To create a figurine, one usually uses not a fishing line, but a special wire.
One of the most common beadThe craftsman is an angel. Such a figure can be presented for Christmas, Easter, and birthday. There are a lot of options for making an angel figurine. Everything depends on skills and capabilities.

Schemes of figurines from beads are easy to obtain on the Internet.

The last time it became fashionable to make of beadsFlowers. As a basis, again, wire is used, on which beads are piled. In a certain way bending and fastening the wire, they receive petals, leaves, buds, from which the flower gathers.
Another common type of needleworkIs embroidery with beads. Such work resembles cross-stitch embroidery. But the product turns out more bright, shining. Beaded embroidery elements of clothing. Sometimes embroider paintings or expand items such as wallets, handbags, all kinds of cases, etc ..

Exotic uses

In fact, there are a lot of ways to embroider beads. The peoples of the North, for example, are still using beads for embroidering folk costumes, beading outerwear, creating very beautiful and unusual accessories and souvenirs. Beads perfectly in harmony with skin and fur.
And in Latin America, along with embroidery,Beads are used as mosaic material. For this bead in a certain order, as required by the figure, spread on the prepared basis. Multicolored ornaments cover all kinds of figures. It turns out very bright and original.
Opportunities to use beads - inexhaustibly much. The main thing is to have a great desire to create, connect fantasy - and everything will turn out.

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