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What to look for when choosing PVC windows

What to look for when choosing PVC windows

Plastic windows increase the number of its adherents every year. This is not surprising.

The modern design of these windows are practical, cost-effective, require minimal maintenance.

But in their selection must take into account some important parameters to desired purchase is not turned back in disappointment.



If you are going to change in my apartment old wooden frame on the window of the modern forms of plastic, it is necessary to be guided in their choice of the following parameters.


The number of cameras (air spaces) toPVC-profile. There may be three or five. For houses with windows facing south and the quiet side, enough three-chamber profile. These windows can be purchased for installation in areas with relatively mild winters.


The apartments are located on the bustling streets,it is advisable to install a window, manufactured with five-chamber profile. If the winter, there are problems with heating, the five-chamber PVC profile would better save precious heat.


The quality of glass. From the qualitative characteristics of the glass and its integrity depends on the ability of windows to retain heat, insulate the room from the street noise. For better conservation of heat and increase the sound insulation it is advisable to choose windows with a greater thickness of glass, you can also pay attention to the windows, where windows have a special energy-saving spraying.


The reliability of the hardware. If you choose PVC windows is not the last role played by the quality of fittings used. There should be no visible defects pens, sheds, taps. All must be made of high strength metal.


Personal preferences in design and method of opening the valves. You can select a convenient way, which will open your windows and design that meets your aesthetic preferences.

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