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Choosing skates need to pay attention to the material from which they are made, quality insoles and tongue, as well as the availability of special pads to help protect the foot from injury.

The blade should have a matte sheen and sharpening radius of 11 to 15 mm.

Ice sport has always been in Russia in a special account. Russian figure skaters win at the Sochi Olympics has given even greater impetus to the development of the sport. Increasingly there amateurs, coming to the rink with their children, so the choice of the theme for the special footwear such lessons more relevant than ever. What should I look for when choosing skates?

Shoes Selection Criteria

Firstly, you must know that horses canbe amateur, semi-professional and professional, in which players are playing. But hockey skates differ significantly from curly, so you need to choose based on how you plan to do sport. But for whatever purposes they are not purchased, they definitely need to try, in any case it is not necessary to purchase a shoe store on the Internet, or ask someone to buy from friends. Just wearing them on their feet, fully laced and a bit like them around the store, you can pay the seller.
It is recommended to buy skates for 1 size biggerto be able to put on warm socks. If you plan to purchase the skates on plastic basis, due to bundled foam stocking feet will always be warm, but due to the increased rigidity such shoes are not suitable for playing hockey. Good skates have stiff, made of genuine leather sole, able to perfectly capture the leg. Well, if the insole inside dries quickly, "phony" language has a recess, follows the shape of the legs and the presence of special pads will protect the foot from injury and to create support for the heel.
The skin should be tight, but soft to the touch, the shoe tongue is stitched on the edges well, and the distance between the holes for laces - wide.

Blade Selection Criteria

used for the manufacture of railsstainless steel high degree of hardening. Expensive models have removable runners, as a result, you can save money on buying new shoes. Good Blades have matte shine, if there is one, it is often to sharpen the blades do not have to - they will be very good glide. If the shoes were bought in a store, and the other runners, it is necessary to check the symmetry of the shoe sole - toe line should be an extension of the heel line, otherwise there may be problems with the installation.
Very important is sharpening the blades. Usually they sharpened a radius of 11 to 15 mm, while the master has one goal - to restore the groove separating the two ribs on the blade. Check the quality of sharpening is simple: put a tram nearby - if they are smooth and straight, to claim the master should not be. It must be remembered that all too often can not skate sharpening, as a result of its service life will be significantly reduced.

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