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What to look for when car loans?

What to look for when car loans?

You have decided to take a loan for a car?

So good luck, find a great car loan at the bank, with a very low interest rate or even its absence?

Do not rush immediately to sign the contract, he will not run away anywhere, if you re-read it again carefully.

Take a calculator and count carefullythe loan amount that you are going to get after signing the contract. This sum, divide the number of months during which you want to pay the loan. And now, having received the amount, compare it with that specified in the contract that you sign such a hurry. Does not match? That is, so read the agreement carefully, always calculate the amount personally to find a bank, where interest rates have built and will be clean, not casually inscribed in the contract.

Now let's talk about additional charges, of whichlot. Well for starters you may encounter with the payment of the loan, ie for opening and maintaining accounts. It is normal practice, therefore, the bank earns on you, and you lose the extra money. Exit - to find another bank that will not need to pay a fee, and you can save a lot of money.

Also, the bank may require you to first payment. But this is a normal practice, where you have nothing to lose. Often, the higher the down payment - the lower the interest payments then.

Note the loan term. Profitable and safe period is considered to be a term of two to five years. If you are planning a shorter period - that is, to prevent the risk of delay as well as the less time - the higher the payout per month, and it is not always profitable exits. Oh, and if you can pay back the loan quickly - can not be worth it to take? If you do not need and have the opportunity to wait and save up the money, you can do without a car loan. By the way, on the contrary, if the credit period of more than 5 years - the overpayment on the interest rate will be very high, and auto loans would be unprofitable.

And finally, a little advice for the future. When placing the machine, carefully read the contract of insurance purchased car. Eliminate the presence of additional services, which can then serve as a refusal to pay the insurance coverage. It can be any small thing - for instance - a specific alarm company or private secure parking. If the contract will be spelled out such items, and you will not follow them - that in the future you will not be able to count on the fact that the insurance will cover your expenses.

After checking all the documents, considering their own waste, you can make a car loan of this bargain.

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