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What to look for when buying styler

What to look for when buying styler

One of the most popular to date instrument for creating hairstyles - this styler.

Modern styler hair - it's curling and brushing and hair iron in one.

If you intend to buy styler, you should pay attention to its additional features and select the device with the features that will be necessary for you.



If you have thin and brittle hair
Girls with thin and brittle hair oftenafraid to use Styler, so even more as not to aggravate the condition of hair. In this case, suitable styler with ionization function. The stream of negatively charged ions smoothes the hair, they cease to break and confused, besides ionization removes hair static electricity.


Cold air stream
Styler with such a function not just style your hair, it adds shine and reduces brittleness, and therefore better styling keeps its shape.


Adjustable temperature control
The main disadvantage styler believe that bypermanent hair overheating condition worsens. To avoid trouble with overheating buy hair styler with adjustable temperature. This styler itself determines when the temperature increase, and when to reduce.


There are also models with Stylerautomatic hair condition detection function, they set the temperature it is appropriate at this time. This styler is especially good if it is used by several people.


The size of the rectifier plates
If you are the owner of a short thin hair, then you need a styler with narrow plates, but if you have long hair and fluffy, you need a styler with the widest plates.
For colored hair
If you dye your hair permanently, youit is desirable to choose a styler with humidification function. In the process of laying styler with this feature hair moistened, not only softens the hair, but also preserves their color longer.

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