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What to look for when buying a styler


What to look for when buying a styler</a>

One of the most popular instruments for creating hairstyles today is a styler.

A modern hair styler is a curling iron, and a brashing and ironing in one.

If you are going to buy a styler, then you should pay attention to its additional features and choose the device with the functions that you will need.



If you have thin and brittle hair
Girls with thin and brittle hair oftenAfraid to use a styler, so as not to further aggravate the condition of the hair. In this case, a styler with ionization function is suitable. The flow of negatively charged ions smoothes the hairs, they cease to break and get tangled, besides ionization removes static electricity from the hair.


Cold Blowing
A styler with this function does not just lay the hair, it adds shine to them and reduces fragility, so the styling better keeps the shape.


Temperature adjustment
The main drawback of the stylers is that fromPermanent overheating deteriorates the condition of the hair. To avoid trouble with overheating of hair, get a styler with temperature adjustment. Such a styler itself determines when the temperature is increased, and when to reduce.


There are also models of stylers withAutomatic function of recognizing the state of hair, they set the temperature that is right at the moment. This styler is especially good if it is used by several people.


The size of the plates of the rectifier
If you are the owner of short thin hair, then you need a styler with narrow plates, if you have long and fluffy hair, then you need a styler with as wide plates as possible.
For colored hair
If you constantly dye your hair, then youIt is advisable to choose a styler with the function of steam humidification. In the process of styling with this function, the hair is moistened, which not only softens the hair, but also retains its color longer.

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