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What to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building (shell & core)

What to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building (shell & core)

Buying an apartment - an important event in the life of every human being.

This is an expensive purchase, to put it mildly, not every day, so it is important not to lose on your purchase.

On that view, taking an apartment in a new building, if the developer has promised you a rough finish?

Apartments in new buildings are in highdemand due to significantly lower prices at the stage of commencement of construction, so most of us need to know what to look for, taking an apartment in a new building after the completion of construction and putting the house.

Most apartments are available with the so-calledrough finish, that is, without plumbing, the walls that still need to be plastered and painted or glued on them wallpaper, black floors, requiring a laminate, tiles or other coverings. And still need to buy and set up the doors, bath, etc. Therefore, if the rough finish was provided in your contract the equity, you have to expect that the beauty of the apartment will not, because you buy what is called a "wall".

Necessarily it is necessary to test the basic communication, such as:

1. Electricity. Must be installed counter, there must be power at the outlet (or on the findings of the apartment). In order to check the voltage is easiest to take a household light bulb tester or with soldered two wires to it.

2. Ventilation can be verified by bringing to the feather shaft, a thread.

3. Heating. The pipes must be laid carefully, they should not have cracks, dents.

4. Windows. Today, usually set windows on the windows, so just pay attention to the fact that the windows were closed tight and well, was hardware from the windows is not coming through.

5. Water supply, sanitation, sewerage, gas. Check pipe around them and they must be free of cracks around the pipes through which water flows, should not be damp. Must be counters. Everything must be securely fastened.

6. Actually walls and floor and ceiling. The joints and major cracks should be plastered, should not be wet spots. Everything must be smooth, horizontal and vertical, respectively.

Only if all of the above works, you can sign the act of acceptance and transfer. Now in front of you a large repair.

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