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What to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building (fine finish)

What to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building (fine finish)

To attract buyers, sellers of new buildings are ready to offer customers a bonus - clean finish.

What to look for in order to not have to spend extra?

Buy an apartment in new building with a fine finishIt can be at a price not much higher than the same apartment without her. Advantages of such a purchase are obvious - no need to spend money, time and effort to repair. Also, in a brand new apartment with finished trim can move immediately, as soon as the apartment is handed over to the buyer and decorated property rights. It is also important that when a house for rent for sale, do not have to endure the noise from the neighbors to do more re-planning or a very long and difficult repairs.

But at the time of acceptance of an apartment in new building with decoration should pay attention to some important things, so you do not spend money and effort to remedy the shortcomings of builders.

1. The walls, floor and ceiling. Check according to their horizontal and vertical. Painted must all be neat, with no irregularities, blemishes. Pasted wallpaper without bubbles, pattern matches. Linoleum is also free of bubbles and waves. Tiles - free cuts and seams of the same size. Laminate without voids, gaps.

2. All the doors and windows are installed neatly, tightly closed. There are no defects in the frames of the door leaf.

3. Plumbing installed carefully sealed seams, nothing flows, not falling. Feel free to turn on and off the water as much as you need to check the quality of the wiring.

4. The gas in the stove and the stove is connected is working properly. Gas pipe trim, gas flows uniformly, without outbreaks, attenuation. If the electric cooker is provided, be sure to check the operation of each burner, Oven.

5. Wiring done with care. Each outlet has power (you can check Testori or small table lamp that you can take with you).

6. Do not forget to also check the ventilation (ventilation incurred to take a feather, a thread, a strip of tissue paper).

7. Should be installed and running all the counters.

You can not be embarrassed to check everything very meticulously, because of the quality of construction and finishing works depends on the quality of your life. All the developer is obliged to remove defects at his own expense!

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