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What to invest money

Profitable investment

By investing their surplus funds in various investment instruments, people engage them in turn.

This can occur directly or indirectly, but every time there is a certain degree of risk for the investor.

In any case, to invest their savings more profitable than keep them "under the mattress."

After all, the depreciation of money is constant.

So, the simplest options for investing available funds for the novice investor.

Bank deposits

Bank deposits - is the easiest toolfor investment funds. It is enough to come to the bank and sign a contract to deposit money. The income depends on the amount of investments, the interest rate and the bank's reputation. compulsory cash deposits insurance system allows call Deposit safest tool for investment.

The property

Investing money in real estate - one of the safest types of investments.
The demand for residential and commercial property is high and prices are increasing. But investing in real estate require large cash expenditures and bring income only after a long time.

Investing in shares

Investment of savings in equities -very lucrative form of investing for the long term. For short periods of time stock returns may be low. Completely ruined almost impossible, but a separate stock trading requires special training. stock management goes through a broker, and to start trading, you need to open a brokerage account in the financial and brokerage companies. Buy and sell shares may be bypassing the exchange by signing the sales contract and notifying the registrar - participant of the stock market.

Mutual funds

Invest in stocks can be also boughtinvestment share in mutual funds. Investments in mutual funds - it is an opportunity investment funds with no whatsoever knowledge of the stock market, because the trade will lead the management company. The minimum period of profit - 1 year. Potential yield increases with the term of the investment, as compound interest starts to work.
Buy investment units can be in officesManagement companies (MC) or their partners (banks, investment companies, and others. Financial institutions). Certain problems exist due to the instability of the market. To avoid financial losses due to mismanagement, should choose a management company, based on the analysis of mutual fund returns for several years.

General funds of bank management

OFBU (general funds of bank management)intended for investors wishing to value in investing available funds in the long term. The level of potential profitability OBFU may exceed the deposit rates of the leading Russian banks. All activities under the control of the Bank of Russia. investment opportunities in fund management is much more than the mutual fund, as objects of trust management can be not only cash, but also securities, precious metals or natural precious stones.

trust management

Invest your savings in stocks is possible throughasset management, in which investment decisions are made by the manager. asset management advantage over mutual funds - the I / O speed means that ensures their rapid movement through the purchase or sale of shares at the current price. In addition to securities, there is a possibility to use futures and options. Potentially invest in operating companies more profitable than in mutual funds and fund management, but the lack of requirements for portfolio diversification (dispersion of Finance) and the strong influence of "human factor" indicates high risks of this tool.

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