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WHAT to present to my brother for 25 years


What to give to a brother for 25 years </a>

Your twenty-fifth birthday is approaching.

On this day, I so want to please my native person, to give him something original and memorable.

This must be taken into account!

Sometimes it is much more difficult to choose a gift for a brother,Than a friend, boss or just a friend. Moreover, twenty-five years is the age when it's time to finally give up childish illusions and be determined with life priorities. But do not take everything so seriously, because the gift remains a gift. Remember, the main thing is that the present should be made from the bottom of the heart and your brother liked it.
Well, if you are close friends and, perhaps, evenHave common interests and similar tastes. In this case, problems with the choice of a gift should not arise. But what if you have little contact and rarely see?
In this case, friends will come to your aid,Colleague, girl or wife of a brother. It will not be superfluous to ask them about what your brother has been passionate about lately, what he dreams about, how he spends his time, what he lacks. Having determined the spheres of interests of the brother, concentrate on a certain area. So you will save time and get more chances to choose the best gift.

Gift variants

Your brother is a young man and, most likely,He is fond of sports. In this case, a gift can be sports equipment or a subscription to the gym, swimming pool. If the brother loves extreme sports, then a certificate for a parachute jump will be an excellent gift.
One of the most important spheres in a person's life -music. Your brother should have a favorite band or performer. Give him a rare collectible music CD. And even if now almost any music can be found on the Internet, it is always nice to have a real disc of your favorite artist. The disc will be a very nice and sincere gift.
Do not be lazy to look into the poster. Perhaps your brother's favorite band will soon give a concert in your city. And, maybe, in the near future in the stadium will play his favorite football team. Then, of course, the brother will be happy with the tickets for the concert or game. Of course, get two tickets, so that the birthday person is not bored at the event alone.
Despite the fact that your brother has already left theChildish age, boyish pleasures are not alien to him. Many men confess that they would like to receive a radio-controlled airplane, a hang-glider, a car or a boat as a gift. A great gift will be table football or hockey. If, of course, allows a place in the apartment.
If your brother is the soul of the company, and in his houseAlways a lot of friends, then you can give something for entertainment. It can be a monopoly, a twister or a dart. In addition, a bottle of high-priced alcohol is suitable, which can be drunk in a good company.
Think about what your brother dreams about. But he does not have the time or opportunity to realize his dream. Maybe he always wanted to learn how to play billiards or dive underwater? Or maybe he dreamed of becoming a rock star? Realize his dreams! Give lessons in diving, billiard games or playing the guitar. It will be very unusual, and in some cases a useful gift.
And do not forget that at all times the bestThe gift was a book. Even if a person is not very fond of reading, he still has two or three favorite pieces. Perhaps this is even a fairy tale from childhood. A rare or gifted edition of his brother's favorite work will please him.
And some simple tips for the end. Do not delay the choice of gift in a long box. Bought hastily, he is unlikely to please his brother.
Consider the character and lifestyle of your brother. If he prefers to spend a quiet evening in the company of a book or computer, you should not send him to swim under water or fight with swords, and vice versa.
Remember that no one has canceled warm sincere words and congratulations to the birthday boy. Attention has always been valued more than any gifts.

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