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What to give for a cotton wedding

What to give for a cotton wedding

The first wedding anniversary is called calico wedding.

Memories of the day of birth of the family are still fresh, and lapping the test has passed.

Therefore, the symbol of the first year of marriage is selected cotton - bright and very thin material.

Calico wedding - it's a special holiday. annual celebration of wedding anniversaries - Since that day, another appears in the list of family traditions.
In the first year the couple had to go through some difficulties: to reconcile with the habits of a spouse, establish a way of life, assign responsibilities. lapping period passed. At the same time love and passion is still strong.

Traditions calico wedding

The calico wedding, decided to give each othercalico kerchiefs. Be sure to engage them in one bundle in a sign of a desire to preserve the love for years to come. In this case we can speak words of love. If spouses give each other during the wedding vows, it's a great reason to repeat them.
After the ceremony handkerchiefs to hide in a secluded place and keep it for life. In Russia, it was believed that properly conducted ritual - a kind of conspiracy of eternal love.
Many modern couples first anniversaryreviewing video and photos from the wedding, nostalgic. Girls love to dress up the bride again, putting on her dress. Often arranged a photo shoot "a year later."
On the first anniversary decorated open a bottle of champagne, which was specifically reserved for this purpose, with the wedding celebration.

What to give for a cotton wedding

Tokens, as mentioned above, are calico kerchiefs that the couple give each other. If a young woman knows how to embroider, handkerchief in the corner, you can embroider initials of each other.
Accepted to give household itemscalico and infant stuff with a hint of early completion. Not to be trite, can give decorative pillows on the sofa with unusual shapes or colors. Creative aprons or gowns will also be a theme.
A fun and very cute idea - give the young pair of pajamas in the form of animals or superheroes. Or handmade toys in the form of a pair of lovers birds.
Often in the first year of marriage the family nest arrangement has not yet been completed. Gift certificates in construction, furniture stores and home appliance centers are sure to please the young.
A pleasant surprise that accurately remembereda young couple, will draw from friends. You can steal my wife a year ago stole the bride from the groom, leaving a message prompting. And arrange a quest for memorable places or at the wedding route, the end of which her husband is waiting for a reward in the form of a kiss favorite friends and applause.

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