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WHAT to give for a cotton wedding


What to give for a cotton wedding</a>

The first anniversary of the wedding is called a calico wedding.

Memories of the birth day of the family are still fresh, and the test of grinding has already been passed.

Therefore, the symbol of the first year of family life is a print - bright and very thin material.

Calico wedding is a special holiday. Starting from this day, in the list of family traditions there will be one more - an annual celebration of the anniversary of the wedding.
In the first year the newlyweds managed to survive some difficulties: to reconcile with the habits of the spouse, to establish a life, to distribute duties. Lapping period is passed. At the same time, love and passion are still strong.

Cotton Wedding Traditions

In a cotton wedding it is customary to give each otherCalico handkerchiefs. It is necessary to tie one knot on them as a token of the desire to preserve love for many years. In this case, you can say the words of love. If the spouses gave each other vows during the wedding, this is an excellent occasion to repeat them.
After the ceremony, the handkerchief should be hidden in a secluded place and stored there for life. In Russia it was believed that a properly conducted rite is a kind of conspiracy for eternal love.
Many modern couples on the first anniversaryReview the video and photos from the wedding, nostalgic. Girls like to dress up again as a bride, putting on their dress. Often, photo shoots "A year later" are arranged.
On the first anniversary they open a decorated bottle of champagne, which was specially left for this purpose from the celebration of the wedding.

What to give for a cotton wedding

A symbolic gift, as mentioned above, are cotton prints, which the couple give each other. If a young wife can embroider, in the corner a handkerchief can embroider each other's initials.
Accepted to give items for the householdOf chintz and infantile things with a hint of an early replenishment. In order not to be banal, you can give decorative pillows on a sofa of unusual shape or color. Creative aprons or dressing gowns will also be on the topic.
An amusing and very nice idea is to give young couples pajamas in the form of animals or superheroes. Or handmade toys in the form of a pair of loving hares.
Often in the first year of family life the arrangement of a family nest is not yet over. Gift certificates in construction, furniture stores and centers of household appliances will surely please the young.
A pleasant surprise, which is exactly rememberedYoung couple, will be a rally from friends. You can steal your wife, as a year ago you stole the bride of the groom, leaving a message-hint. And to arrange a quest on memorable places or on a wedding route, at the end of which the husband is waited with a reward in the form of a kiss of the beloved and applause of friends.

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