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Holiday bears

February 14 - Valentine's Day - a holiday, come to Russia from Western Europe and successfully got accustomed here.

Lovers try to spend a romantic evening together, to please each other gifts. In this presents need not be expensive.

The main thing - that they were given with love and pleased, and perhaps - and touched a loved one.

Touching gifts for the youngest

As you know, a gift for a girl to pick upmuch easier than a gift for a boy. However, most of the list of gifts is quite banal: a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, teddy bears and hearts. You can try to come up with something more original. For example, bouquets now account not only of flowers but also of sweets or soft toys.
Very young girls at the time of first loveYou can present a gift made with their own hands - for example, the same Valentine with a beautiful declaration of love. Remarkably, although quite traditional gift, both for very young girls, and for women older will be soft toy - a teddy bear, bunny or kitty.

Gifts wives, brides and regular girlfriends

If feelings have already passed the test of time, it is possiblegive a girl much more expensive gift - a ring, earrings or a chain. This jewelry should be gold, not silver, as gold symbolizes love, and the money - only friendship. On Valentine's Day, it is desirable to give jewelry with romantic symbolism - as a rule, with hearts.
Quite a bold gift - a spectacular and expensive lingerie. However, it would be appropriate to give a wife, fiancee or girlfriend constant.
A good gift can be expensive French perfume. But in this case it is necessary to know very well the taste of his lover.
You can give a girl and her favorite sweets, preferably in a gift box with the symbol of Valentine's Day (a very traditional version - a heart-shaped box).
Welcome gift for any girl willa romantic candlelight dinner at home or in a restaurant (depending on your preferences and financial possibilities). If a girl is interested in art, you can invite her to the theater, museum or concert.
Of course, you can give the perfect romantic trip to Paris or Venice, but unfortunately, the opportunity to make such gifts have not always.
When choosing a gift, it is best to be guidedtastes and interests of the most girls. One will enjoy a jewel for the other the best gift would be the favorite book of the author, a CD with romantic music and interesting film. Perhaps she passionately collects figurines of cats, dolls, porcelain figurines, then she can give long wished for a copy of the collection. The main thing in choosing a gift - to bring the beloved sincere joy and made the holiday really lovely and memorable.

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