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WHAT to give a child 5 years for the New Year


What to give a child 5 years for the New Year</a>

New Year is the most mysterious, magical and coveted holiday.

Children are waiting for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and anticipate (sometimes out loud) what exactly New Year's grandfather will give them as a gift.

A gift to a five-year-old in the New Year

Parents should be curious in advance about whatIt is their child who dreams. To do this, just need to write along with the child a letter to Santa Claus. Decorate this ceremony solemnly - buy a beautiful paper and an envelope. Smartly decorate the message with appliqués and drawings on the New Year theme, seal the envelope in the presence of the child and promise to send.
If it is a gift to a nephew,Niece or just an acquaintance of a boy or girl, children's television channels and children's products advertised for them will come to your aid. You will be surprised by the variety of offers - dolls and a complete dowry for them (from home to shoes and hairpins), robots-transformers, ships and pirates, soft toys of all shapes, colors and sizes, the characters of the famous Disney cartoons and films - The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Belle and etc.
Boys will be happy with the "spy" accessories - watches with a video camera, walkie-talkies. Machines, robots, weapons - all this will be perceived on "hurray."

Ask your child's parents to not accidentally duplicate a gift.

What else can you give a child in the New Year?

A universal option are all kinds ofstationery. Modern manufacturers offer whole themed sets, for example, kits for the school (and at 5 years it's time to think about the school) - backpacks, pencil cases, folders, sets of pencils and the like, decorated in the style of "Spider-Man" or Hello Kitty.

Choose the right theme will help you again, the parents of the child.

If the kid does or is interested in sports,Your task is noticeably simplified. Boxing gloves with a pear, skate, roller skates, an original ball, a sports suit with the image of the favorite sportsman for the boy. A ribbon, a bright hoop and a skipping rope for a girl engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, skates or skis for a winter sports lover, balls that, even if they lie before the summer, will later serve the child for a long time.
Some children are sociable andActively communicate with peers - give them board games. It can be a "classic of the genre" - a chessboard with originally executed figures or something modern and designed for several players.
Not so long ago the phrase "The best gift is a book"Sounded everywhere. Interest the child, accustom him to reading and give beautifully illustrated books with entertaining subjects. Your gift can have a New Year theme - a set of Christmas toys, an original handmade Snowman, a beautiful mask - do not be afraid, a 5-year-old kid is not too sophisticated yet.
Try to choose a present so that the childHe was happy not only the first minutes, but also a long time later. Beautifully pack a gift, buy and inflate balls - go to the presentation with a fantasy, kids like gay and inventive adults!

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