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What to give a child 5 years for the New Year

What to give a child 5 years for the New Year

New Year - the most mysterious, magical and a welcome party.

Children waiting for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and anticipate (sometimes out loud) that it will present their Christmas Santa in a gift.

Gift of the five-year child in the New Year

Parents should inquire in advance whatexactly dreams their child. To do this, just need to write with your child a letter to Santa Claus. Obstavte this ceremony - buy a beautiful paper and envelope. Smart Arrange message applications and drawings on the theme of the New Year, seal the envelope in the presence of a child and promised to send.
If we are talking about a gift to his nephew,niece or a friend boy or girl, you will come to the aid of children's TV channels and advertised on their products to children. You will be surprised the variety of proposals - dolls and full dowry for them (from the house to the shoes and pins), robots, transformers, ships and pirates, soft toys of all shapes, colors and sizes, the characters famous Disney cartoons and movies - The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Belle and etc.
The boys will be happy to "spy" accessories - watches with a video camera, radio set. Machines, robots, weapons - all this be apprehended on "hurray".

Talk to the parents of the child, not to accidentally duplicate gift.

What else can you give a child in the New Year

Universal option are all sortsstationery. Modern manufacturers offer a whole thematic sets, such as kits for schools (and in 5 years it is time to think about the school) - backpacks, pencil cases, folders, pencil sets and the like, decorated in the style of "Spider - Man" or Hello Kitty.

Select the theme you want you again to help the child's parents.

If a child is engaged or interested in sports,your task much easier. Boxing gloves with pear, skate, skating, original score, tracksuit with the image of your favorite athlete for boys. Ribbon, bright hoop and jump rope for girls engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, skating or skiing for lovers of winter sports, balls, that, even prolezhat until the summer, but then I will serve the child for a long time.
Some children are different, and communication skillsactively communicate with peers - give them board games. This may be a "classic of the genre" - chess board with figures originally executed or something modern and designed for multiple players.
Not long ago, the phrase "The best gift - a book"It sounded everywhere. Motivate the child, teach him to read and giving beautifully illustrated book with an entertaining plot. Your gift can also have a Christmas theme - set of Christmas decorations, original Snowman handmade, beautiful mask - do not be afraid, 5-year-old baby is not too tempted.
Try to choose a present so that the childglad he was not only the first few minutes, but for a long time later. Beautifully gift pack, buy and inflate the balls - go to the awarding of a fantasy, children love fun and inventive adults!

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