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WHAT to present to the boy for 1 year


What to give a boy for 1 year </a>

The first anniversary of the child is a very important event for the baby himself and for their parents. This day should be unforgettable and magical for a little birthday.

Of course, you can not do without a gift, because Kids are very fond of surprises.

Festive entourage

One year old baby is already big enough andindependent. At this age, he begins to walk (or starts doing it in the coming months), tries to say something and already understands enough what is going on in his life. Therefore, the first big holiday in his life must be made unusual, different from other days.
The baby's room can be decorated with balls, preferablyHelium, since The usual can suddenly burst and scare the child. You can also hang bright colorful posters, photos or funny pictures. The birthday itself can be celebrated in cafes, at home with relatives or just sit in a family setting. In principle, the baby does not need any feast, but the atmosphere of the holiday itself is important, which gives him an understanding of the unusualness of this day.

Gift selection

Of course, gifts for the little culpritCelebrations are required. At this age, the differences in the hobbies between girls and boys are not yet very noticeable, so the division of gifts by gender is not significant. For general development, the boy also needs puppets (or their similarity) for studying body parts and the first role-playing games, and for girls - cars.
The choice of a gift for a child is quite complicated. If you are the parents of the birthday person, then this simplifies the matter, because You know better the more keen a kid is. If you are invited to a holiday, or are a close relative of the child, it is also best to ask your parents what is best to buy. At worst, you can safely donate money (or a certificate to a children's store), but be sure to attach a small toy to such a gift.
Some toys are the leaders in choosingGift for a one-year-old child. But before you buy them, you should ask your parents if there is already something similar and whether there is a place for placing this gift (if it is large enough). One of the first places is a children's tent-house. It happens as with balls (you can use it as a dry pool), and without them. There are absolutely different designs, some come with tunnels, baskets for balls, etc. Very many kids love to play in these houses, and the balls allow them to physically develop and come up with new games with them. You can buy just a dry pool with balls, which in hot weather can be used as usual, filling it with water.
Another common toy isRocking, which are of absolutely different sizes and types: inflatable, wooden, plastic, plush. There are musical, singing songs or making sounds, there are also some that can be used as a gurney. A swing is also a good option - there are floor or suspended. The latter go for a longer period of use.
In a year the child already walks or tries itTo do. And the wheelchair, for the back of which you can keep at the first steps, too, will be very handy. In the future, it can be used and as a tolokar - ride on it, pushing its feet off the floor. If the financial situation allows, the children's electric car will be an excellent gift option. It runs on battery power, and many come with a control panel. The latter will fit, when the child himself can not manage his own transport.
If the baby is very mobile and loves movement, thenA good gift can be sports complexes for the smallest, small Swedish walls, large inflatable balls (you can with horns). This is very useful for physical development, but not all children use it. It depends on the temperament of the child.
In stores, a huge number of developingToys, you just have to look at the recommended age. Musical instruments are popular: drums, pianos, metallophones, etc., household items: telephone, console and others.
Children's books - also a good gift, good choiceThey are now simply huge. You must also choose them according to your age. Music books (reading or singing when you click on buttons), educational books - helping the kid to get new knowledge (animals, colors, shapes, etc.) are good.
Of course, such common toys as designers, cubes, mosaics will be very useful for the baby. The main thing is that they do not contain small details and sharp corners.
One-year-old boy can be given cars asUsual, and with sound effects, a musical wheel, planes or other any transport. Children's transport, which is an alternative to a stroller, is also an excellent gift when agreed with the child's parents. We need to focus only on the time of year: in the summer - a tricycle with a handle, in the winter - a sledge. The choice of them is also great, we must take into account all the details when buying. For example, a bicycle for toddlers is more intended to be driven by parents, and not for self-drive in the future, because They are quite heavy and the pedals are not always convenient for torsion.
In general, there are a lot of gift options, hereIt is worth considering your financial capabilities and the wishes of your parents. You can give and useful things: clothes, shoes, bed-clothes, jewelry, etc. Not bad himself has a creative gift-a mold for a child's hand / foot-book, the main character of which is a birthday boy-a family photo shoot, etc. In this case, it is worthwhile attaching a toy for the baby, because He still does not appreciate the usefulness of things.

What gifts to give is not worth it

Choose gifts are of what, but not worth itAllow for some errors. Firstly, the child is only a year old and does not need to give something to grow up, the same toy. If she goes for the older child and is quite complicated, then the birthday girl will simply not be interesting and not relevant to him. Secondly, when choosing a toy, one should pay attention to its quality and the material from which it is made. A cheap gift can bring more disappointment than joy. Let it be simpler, but better than with many bells and whistles, which in a couple of days will cease to function. Thirdly, the toy should not contain small details that the child can accidentally swallow.
The kid absolutely does not matter how much it costsA gift, it happens that a penny trifle will interest him more than an expensive thing. Pay attention that the child is more interested in and then you will certainly give him sincere pleasure.

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