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What to give your child for 1 month

What to give your child for 1 month

Choosing the right gift is often becoming a serious problem. What to say about when the gift is intended for a tiny baby in honor of the first month of his life.

So what can give crumbs, which only a month old?

A win-win gift - a toy

The gift should be necessary and useful, bothfor the child and for the parents. Month-old baby is not yet able to capture objects handed, but distinguishes between bright colors, responds well to sounds with interest the fact that stands out. Therefore, a good gift to serve as a large rattle or toy-suspension, which can be attached to the wall of the crib or stroller. The main thing that it was a beautiful, brightly colored, without small details. This toy is sure to attract baby's attention. Especially well-suited suspension, which publishes a rocking at the quiet jingle.

The store can be seen such mobile toys of different configurations, for example, there are commercially available suspension, which are built in projector.

You can donate diapers or means to care forbaby skin. The stock of diapers for 1-2 months, presenting a gift, sure to please the child's parents, and will benefit the child. A good gift is also a children's cosmetics: various creams, powders. You can teach children first aid kit ready.

It is better to pre-check with the parents of the baby, some baby cosmetics are preferable.

Buy the book, because the kids need to read since childhood. Try to keep the pictures were bright and large.

Gift "for the future"

If all the above seems toobanal, it is safe to present a gift designed for older children, with the words: "This is for you for growth" Developing rug, arena, table - chair, and more are sure to please parents and celebrations culprit, and he himself, when he is a little older .
Many people follow the custom to give a child a silver spoon when his first tooth erupt. But it is also possible to present a gift in advance, when the baby turns 1 month.
You can also give your child a set of clothes onoutgrowth. Or teach some home appliances that will use the mother the baby when he gets a little older, such as a blender-steamer.
Finally, a good gift option - money. Hand the child's parents an envelope with the words: "We have long thought that to give a little, and decided that the father and mother know best!" Then you can be sure that your child really will make the necessary and useful gift. If the same amount of money to give embarrassing, purchase a gift certificate to the store of children's goods.

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