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What to feed the Syrian hamster

What to feed the Syrian hamster

Often parents in search of a little four-legged friend to your child choose a hamster. Since it does not need to walk the walk, pets picky eating habits and care.

Breeders brought several types of hamsters.

The Syrian hamster is the most unpretentious.

The Syrian hamster is the firstderived breeders view these rodents. There are many opinions, the better to feed a rodent. There are only 3 types of feeding. Feeding specialized commercial grain mixes, natural food and mixed type of feeding.

hard food

This type of feeding is optimal forAccording to the producers, in the finished food contains all the necessary food for the hamster. With this feeding is necessary to observe the hamster. If it consumes only one or more food ingredients, such as oats or seeds, it soon will affect his health.
Hamsters like to choose from a total weight of feedtidbits, do not immediately add a new portion, let him eat up the grain and less tasty. Only Full-feeding will allow the hamster to be in good shape.
If, however, your rodent started to gain weight, thenput in a cage the running wheel, they are happy to play with him. To walk around the house, you can purchase a special hamster ball. It is absolutely safe for the animal to protect it during walks.
Do not give him the seeds separately, they lead to liver disease and obesity. Producers of grain mixes were added in the required amount of grains and seeds.
Since the Syrian hamsters were withdrawn from a group of wild animals, they differ excellent health. Living hamsters are longer than other types.

Natural or mixed feeding

Many owners of hamsters seems that theirpet constantly malnourished, and try to give him extra food. It may be apples, carrots, pumpkin. Vegetables, it is desirable to give the evening. It should be in the morning to remove all perishable food residues.
You can feed the hamster protein food. Low-fat cottage cheese or chicken they eat with pleasure. Giving should be up to 2 times a week. Well-cooked fish without bones will also improve the diet of your rodent.
In the spring and in the summer you can offer fresh dandelions, clover. In winter it is recommended to germinate herbs on the windowsill.
Vitamins and minerals can be offered in the form ofspecial mineral stone. Rodents willingly grind of his teeth. Water with a cell must be constant. Since the golden hamster is close to the most wild rodents, you need to monitor the growth of his teeth. If they are very long, you can put a small stick into the cage. Animal pleased to begin to gnaw it.
A variety of treats for rodents can be given, but with caution. Part of the honey often causes allergies in hamsters. They begin combing currently the head area.
It is strictly forbidden to give Syrian hamsterscabbage and bread. These products cause fermentation in the stomach and can cause death hamster. Not allowed to eat a variety of meats and fatty meats.
Syrian hamster diet should be as close to the natural environment of the rodent habitat. The only way you can keep your health and active lifestyles animal.

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