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What to feed the kittens: dry food or food from the table?


How to feed the kittens: dry food or food from the table?</a>

Proper nutrition for kittens at a young age is very important. It should be balanced, contain all the necessary elements.

From what the kitten will get used to, its taste predilections in adult life largely depend.

What food to feed the kittens

How to accustom a kitten to solid food
The owners of cats, cats know how difficult it is, and sometimes it is impossible to accustom an adult animal to new food. Therefore, this should be done when the pet is still small.
How to teach a kitten to dry food
To determine whether to give kittens dry food or dishes from the table, you need to identify the positive and negative features of both:
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Dry food is easy to use. If almost the whole day a kitten, and then an adult animal, is forced to spend alone, then such food will become a way out. Enough in the morning to pour the food in a bowl, put the necessary amount of water, and the pet is full until evening.
How to accustom a cat to home food
Correctly cooked homemade food for the kittenUseful. It does not contain questionable additives that are found in some types of dry food. But she can not wait for a long time in a bowl - it will get messed up. If the baby is not finished, then the rests should be discarded, and a new portion should be put in the next feeding.
How to teach a kitten to eat food
It is very important to determine whichDry food for kittens will be used. It can be unequivocally said that cheap are a delayed-action mine. Over time, the animals that are fed this way, there are problems.
In the first place, the liver and kidneys suffer. Therefore, if the owner loves his pet, he will give him expensive expensive premium food. It contains the substances necessary for the growth and development of animal matter.

Proper nutrition

You need to know important things about food from the tableFor the kitten. It is generally believed that cats are very fond of fish, so you need to give it in large quantities. This is not true. Excess phosphorus is very harmful for both young and adult cat, cat. It can only be given once a week.
From an early age, tailed babies should be accustomed to cereals, vegetables, so these foods are an important part of their diet.
Meat is the main food for cats and cats. At a young age they are given cooked on fire buckwheat, oat-flakes. Add them finely chopped boiled chicken or turkey. The ratio of meat and cereals 3: 1. You can add a little boiled carrots, zucchini.
If the kitten is accustomed to such a menu, then he will eat like this all his life. If this is not done, then it is almost impossible to change the diet.
In addition to homemade food, you can give the kittens a dry premium food, but do not get carried away by it. Otherwise, the animal will only eat it.
On the other hand, if the kitten is not accustomed toDry food, it is unlikely that he then wants to eat them. Therefore, it is better to teach the baby to both types of food from childhood, but give preference to "right" home food.

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