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What to feed the kittens: dry food, or food on the table?

What to feed the kittens: dry food, or food on the table?

Proper nutrition for kittens at a young age is very important. It must be balanced and contain all the necessary elements.

From that, to some stern kitty gets used, it depends largely on taste preferences in adulthood.

What food to feed the kittens

how to train a kitten to solid food
The hosts cats, cats know how difficult and sometimes impossible to teach an adult animal to a new food. Therefore, it should be done when pitomitsy still small.
how to train a kitten to dry food
To determine the order, whether to give the kittens dry food or dishes from the table, it is necessary to identify the positive and negative features and the fact that:
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Dry food is convenient to use. If most of the day the kitten, and then an adult animal, forced to be alone, that such food would be way out. Enough in the morning pour the food into a bowl, put the required amount of water, and a favorite of hungry until the evening.
How to teach your cat to the home food
Properly cooked homemade food for a kittenuseful. It does not contain controversial additives, which are in certain types of dry fodder. But for a long time in a bowl she will lie - spoiled. If the baby not eat, the residues should be discarded, and the next feeding put a new batch.
How to teach a kitten food has
It is important to decide with what itdry food for kittens will be used. You can definitely say that the cost is a time bomb. Over time, the animals so fed, there are problems.
The first to suffer liver and kidney. Therefore, if the owner loves their pet, it will give him an expensive dry food premium. It contains necessary for the growth and development of the animal matter.

Proper nutrition

You need to know the important things about the food and the tablefor the kitten. It is generally accepted that cats are very fond of fish, so you need to give it in considerable quantities. This is not true. Excess phosphorus is very harmful for both young and adult cat, cats. It can be given only once a week.
From an early age tailed kids should be accustomed to the porridge, vegetables, since these products - an important part of their diet.
Meat - the basis of the power of cats and dogs. At a young age they are given cooked buckwheat on fire, rolled oats. Add them finely chopped cooked chicken or turkey. Meat and grain ratio 3: 1. You can add a bit of boiled carrots, zucchini.
If the kitten to accustom to this menu, it will be well fed all his life. If this is not done, then it is almost impossible to change the diet.
In addition to homemade food can be given to kittens premium dry food, but do not get involved in them. Otherwise, the animal will have only his.
On the other hand, if the cat is not accustomed todry feed, it is unlikely that he then wants to eat them. Therefore it is better to teach your baby to both types of food since childhood, but give preference to the "right" home food.

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