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What to feed degus

What to feed degus

Degu - a very interesting creature of rodent native to Chile.

Content degus at home - is immensely exciting and can bring a lot of positive emotions owner.

To animal was always fit and agile, you need to feed it.

In nature, the main food for degus is barktrees, seeds, leaves, unsweetened fruit. At home, their diet should be as close to reality as possible. Feed should be as diverse as possible. The basis of the power should be hay, which can be collected and dried on their own or buy from a pet store. Hay should be collected away from the city, roads and railways. Preference should be given such herbs as dandelion, clover, mint. If you do not have full confidence in the safety of grass, it is better to throw it away, because it can be poisonous. Grass should be given either completely dry or fresh. It should not be dried, spoiled, moldy, it can cause diarrhea. In addition, degus need to be fed pelleted feed, produced especially for them. It can be purchased at any major pet store. If there is no food for degus, analogue suitable for chinchillas, but because it is required to remove the sweet fruits, such as bananas.

Another type of food that pleaseddegus eat, it is the bark of trees. The branches can be harvested in the woods, away from the city. It is best suited for this purpose branches of aspen, birch, hazel, rowan. When assembly is necessary to pay attention to them and did not have herpes rot. Before giving branches degus, they should be to pour the boiling water, and then dried. Branch degus can not only eat, but also stochat them teeth.

The basic rule when feeding degus - in anycase, they can not give anything sweet. The fact that the animals prone to develop diabetes that can lead to death. Therefore, you can feed them sweets in extremely limited quantities.

Among other things, degus love to eat a variety of grains, such as oats, millet, wheat, etc. As the goodies they can be given sunflower seeds, pumpkin, corn grain.

If you feed your pet properly, it will always be healthy, agile and able to please his master, and brought a lot of positive emotions.

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