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What to feed a small child in summer

What to feed a small child in summer

With the onset of summer, there is a question to parents about how to feed a small child in the heat, because the change is not only affordable products, but also taste preferences.

Nothing complicated about it, just need to take into account the peculiarities of this season.

If the child is breastfed

Prior to the introduction of complementary foods with special difficultiesso what to feed a small child in the summer, simply does not exist, since the mother's milk is the ideal food for him. Despite the fact that milk - is not only food but also drink in the heat it is important to offer the baby and water, remembering that he needs to tell the liquid can not. At the same time, the summer season is good and to start feeding, since fresh fruits and vegetables can be found on their own summer cottage, or, at least, be sure that they are collected in the apartment area, not brought from distant countries, losing the way everything useful. Fruit and vegetable puree is made from carefully washed and peeled raw material is first boiled or steamed and then crushed. Children close to a year of fruit and vegetables are already yielding small pieces, planting chewing skills.

Precautions should be taken to the red berries, as misuse can cause allergies and frustration of a chair, even for those who are not inclined towards them.

Meat products in summer

If the child refuses meat products, notnot try to force him to use them by any means. The meat in the heat rather difficult to digest, especially just begins to form the digestive system. The protein it contains, can be compensated for by other products, such as eggs, cheese, dairy products. You can also try to change the usual scheme of feeding, when meat and other dishes are tight for lunch, when the air temperature is already high. It is possible that in the morning meat sauce or meatballs will go much better, but for lunch it will be possible to give fruit.

When eating meat is necessary to closely monitor its preparation technology, as well as storage, since it can spoil quickly at high temperatures.


They must be present in the menu at any timeyear, but summer is a beautiful opportunity to the usual cheese much tastier by adding fresh berries in it. If a child is given a goat's or cow's milk, it is necessary to be sure to boil, and carefully follow the storage times. And the fresh dairy products are purchased, the higher the likelihood that they had no time to lose its qualities during transport and sale in the store. So there is nothing special about what to feed your baby in the summer, not only need to more attentive to the choice of the products themselves and the drawing up of the menu, which must be balanced regardless of the season.

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