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What to feed a young child in the summer


What to feed a young child in the summer</a>

With the onset of summer, parents are faced with the question of what to feed a young child in the heat, as not only the available products are changed, but also the taste preferences.

There is nothing complicated in this, it is only necessary to take into account the peculiarities of this season.

If the child is breastfeeding

Before the introduction of complementary feeding, special difficulties withThat what to feed a small child in the summer time, simply does not exist, because the mother's milk is for him the ideal food. Despite the fact that milk is not only food, but also drinking, it is important to offer children and water in the heat, remembering that he himself can not report the need for liquid. At the same time, the summer season is also good for beginning of complementary foods, as fresh fruits and vegetables can be found in their own cottage or at least be sure that they are collected in the region of residence rather than brought from distant countries, Having lost all the useful things on the way. Fruit and vegetable purees are prepared from carefully washed and purified raw materials, which are first boiled or cooked steamed, and then crushed. To children nearer to a year vegetables and fruit already give small slices, imparting skills of chewing.

Care should be given to red berries, as abuse of them can cause allergy and upset of the stool, even in those who are not inclined to them.

Meat products in summer

If the child refuses meat products,It is worth trying to get him to use them by any means. Meat in the heat is digested quite heavily, especially only beginning to form a digestive system. Protein, which is present, can be compensated with other products, for example eggs, cheese, dairy products. You can also try changing the usual scheme of feeding, when meat and other dense dishes are given for lunch, when the air temperature is already high. It is possible that in the morning meat mashed potatoes or cutlets will go much better, and for lunch it will be possible to give fruit.

When consuming meat, you need to closely monitor the technology of its preparation, as well as storage, since at high temperatures it can quickly deteriorate.


They should be present in the menu at any timeYear, but in the summer there is a wonderful opportunity to make the familiar curd much tastier, adding fresh berries to it. If the child is given goat or cow's milk, then it must be boiled, and also carefully observe the storage times. And the more freshly purchased dairy products, the higher the probability that they did not have time to lose their qualities during transportation and sale in the store. So nothing special about what to feed the child in the summer, no, you just need to more carefully approach the choice of the products themselves and make a menu that should remain balanced regardless of the season.

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