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What to feed the parrot


What to feed the parrot</a>

If you decide to get a bird, first you need to find out exactly what it feeds on.

A big mistake will be to assume that you can just buy ready-made food, and your bird will no longer need anything.

So, what to feed the wavy parrot.

How to feed a parrot

How to feed a wavy parrot
The main rule in feeding any animals and birds- products must be quality and fresh, without the addition of chemicals. In addition, you must not forget to wash your pet's dishes daily and change the water.
To wean a wavy parrot bite
When asked how often to feed a parrot,There is an unambiguous answer. These birds have a fairly fast metabolism, so do not leave them without food for longer than three hours. It is best every day at a certain time to pour the pet the entire daily rate of grain feed. In the lattice cells thrust wedges of vegetables or fruits. In addition, it should be remembered that to introduce into the diet new feed should be gradually. Wait until your bird gets used to the new food.
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What food do you need to feed the parrot?

Swifts how to feed chicks
The basis for feeding parrots is the grain mixture,(About 10%), millet of various species (about 70%), and 20% of the remaining seeds - canary, linen and hemp, wheat, etc. Purchase ready-made mixtures that are designed for the species of your parrot. Mixtures for other species can contain, for example, sunflower seeds and peanuts, which for undulating parrots are excessively fatty foods. However, in small quantities, you can give nuts and seeds.
Inseparable porridge for nestlings
As a supplement to the main food, it is useful to give the parrot a germinated grain that contains a large amount of vitamins. It is best to germinate better millet or wheat.
In addition, the diet of a parrot needs every dayInclude fresh vegetables, fruits and greens. It can be various berries and fruits: apples, pears, citrus fruits, cherries, cucumbers, carrots, etc. It is desirable to give them in large pieces. Put your pet in the cage and greens - leaves of lettuce, dandelion, spinach.
If necessary, you can give parrots animal feed, for example, hard-boiled chicken eggs.

Than you can not feed the parrot

Parrots can not be fed with the following products:
- avocado, mango and papaya-
- potatoes-
- spicy herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro) -
- garlic and onion-
- candied fruit-
- Meat, fish, cheese, butter, seafood.
In addition, do not feed the parrot from the general table. Such food contains too much for these birds of fat and salt and is capable of harming the health of birds.

What to feed the bird nestling?

As a rule, newborn chicks themselvesFeeds her parasite by her milkweed. However, it happens that a young mother refuses or can not feed the cubs. Then you will have to take care of her offspring.
Chicks are recommended to feed in the following way. Dilute the baby food to a relatively liquid state and heat the mixture to 37 ° C. Place the chicks in the palm of your hand. Then, dipping into the mixture a thin clean brush, gently bring it to the side of the baby's beak so that it is convenient for him to swallow a drooping drop. Feed the chick until it is full. Such feeding should be done every 2 hours.
Gradually, the number of feedings should be reduced, and inDiet add millet mush, cooked from chopped millet. When the chicks reach 20 days, they need to be transplanted into a cage and gradually accustomed to feeding from a spoon. You can push it through the door.
When the chicks after a while can eat from a spoon, cook them a more thick porridge. After this, also gradually begin to introduce into the diet of the grown young parrot a grain mixture.

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