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What to feed a kitten month

What to feed a kitten month

Newborn kitten feed exclusively on breast milk.

It is this product at this stage of life provides a small body with all necessary.

But after a month after the birth, you can gradually move to a different level of power.

Rules monthly feeding kittens

What to feed newborn kittens
Feed monthly kitten should be small meals 4-5 times a day. It is important to ensure that the kitten is not overeat, because it is harmful to his stomach.
how to feed newborn kittens
New products should be administered in smallportions, gradually bringing the number up to standards. Moreover, only one new product can be administered in one day. Each time you need to monitor the reaction of the organism kitten. In the absence of changes in the pet product state can continue to give him. In case of any problems (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and others.) The introduction of a new feed should be discontinued.
cat mother died remained kittens how to feed them
It is not recommended to introduce new products on a daily basisin the diet of cat food. Better to pause in 2-3 days. A single serving of food must be equal to a tablespoon without slides, the daily dose - 120 grams. In the kitten during the day should be free access to clean drinking water.
To the kitten began to eat their own,help is needed. After tearing off from the mother by offering crumbs milk, you need to gently pull it to a bowl and moisten with a little nose. Similarly, we should do and other products. Over time, these actions will no longer be needed kitten.
In addition to milk, the diet-month kittencottage cheese should be administered. Initially, it should be diluted with milk until the consistency of sour cream. Eating cheese prevents the development of rickets, as this product contains a lot of calcium.
Monthly kitten can also give diluted milk chicken yolk. Protein is permitted only with two months of age.
Useful for kittens cooked vegetables in the form ofsoup and kashek, but always on a meat broth. However, like it is not all pets. Though they are small, but the predators. They prefer meat. Of the meat products is permitted to give a pre-cooked and shredded beef, fish, chicken. Raw meat and fish give the kitten should not be, because there is a risk of infection with worms or intestinal infections.
For normal growth of a kitten requiredintake of essential vitamins and minerals. They can simply buy in veterinary pharmacies. Specially recommended for kittens at home couch grass and wheat.

What is not desirable to feed a kitten month

It is not recommended to feed a kitten food from yourtable. It is undesirable to systematically give pet the same food. This is due to the fact that being accustomed to something one, he will not be there is another food. In addition, it is impossible to give meats, pork, low-quality products.
It is not recommended to teach a pet todry food or canned feline. Their regular use contributes to the development of urolithiasis and a significant reduction in life expectancy. In addition, accustomed to the kitten dry food, he will not be eating healthy food.

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