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What to eat polar bears

The feed polar bears

As zoologists say, the majority of polar bears ill-suited to the hunting ground.

For example, animals can go through the nesting colony of white geese, but did not grab any one of the birds and destroy any socket.

Pinnipeds sea animals

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Polar bears live on drifting and of fastsea ​​ice, which allows them to hunt in various marine animals - ringed seals, walruses and sea birds, as well as some others. Pinnipeds and constitute the main diet of polar predators.
Bears catch of marine animals, is graduallystalking its prey from behind cover, as well as guarding the front of their holes. As soon as the sea hare or seal pops its head out of the water, the polar bear stun the animal, inflicting a crushing blow with his paw. After this predator can only pull its prey on the ice. There are cases when a polar bear, podplyvaya bottom overturned floe with seals.
According to zoologists, first predators eat the skin and fat, eating the rest only when very hungry - usually the remains bearish meal gets the polar foxes.

Birds and rodents

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Often, the bears catch of seabirds - they quicklygrab prey, previously unnoticed swam to pack underwater. Typically, polar bears hunt so eiders, guillemots, long-tailed ducks and some other birds, depending on the habitat area. Love bears eat bird eggs and wading in the nesting places and ruining them, at the same time picking up fallen chicks.

Predators living on Svalbard polar, often touching and grazing close to wild deer, almost without showing interest in them.

Polar bears that live on the territory of the coastal tundra, often prey on the northern vole - the so-called lemmings.

Plant foods in the diet of polar bears

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Quite a small part of the diet of polarpredators make up the various components of plant origin. However, almost all the polar bears from time to time resorted to them to make up for supply of vitamins and other nutrients. According to zoologists, scientists, sometimes even predators are experiencing an acute need for different plant foods. As a rule, in the fall they willingly consume berries (blueberries, cranberries and even crowberry), cereals and green sedges and various wild plants such as sorrel, as well as mosses and lichens.

We also know that during the period of March and April Bearscan dig out the snow to find where a polar willow shoots and sedges. Thus predators tend to fill the shortage of vitamins and minerals, scientists believe.

It was also observed that polar bears caneating discarded sea kelp, fucus and other algae, thrown on the sea coast. And some of the bears inhabiting Spitsbergen, periodically diving, trying to look like food.

atypical food

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In recent times there are referencesthat polar bears, which are in the vicinity of settlements, consume a variety of inedible objects, until the sheet and machine oil. However, they do not leave indifferent, and food supplies, made by people. Eaten by predators and food left by a man for dogs, and bait that are in polar fox traps. In some cases, the bears can eat even the trash on the outskirts of the village. Unfortunately, because of these habits can be killed by wild animals - such cases are increasingly recorded.

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