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What do polar bears eat?


What do polar bears eat?</a>

According to zoologists, most polar bears are poorly adapted to land hunting.

For example, animals can pass through the nesting colony of white geese, but never grab any bird and ruin a single nest.

Pinnipeds of marine animals

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Polar bears live on drifting and fast-foodSea ice, which allows them to hunt for various marine animals - ringed seals, walruses and sea hares, as well as some others. Pinnipeds constitute the main diet of these polar predators.
Bears catch marine animals, graduallySneaking up on their prey from behind the shelter, as well as the guard near their holes. As soon as the sea hare or seal releases its head from the water, the polar bear stuns the animal, causing a crushing blow with its paw. After this, the predator has only to pull his victim to the ice. There are cases when a polar bear, swam from below, overturned an ice floe with seals.
According to zoologists, first predators eat skins and fat, eating the rest only with a strong hunger - usually the remains of a bear meal are given to arctic foxes.

Birds and rodents

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Often bears catch seabirds - they quicklyGrab prey, previously imperceptibly swam to the flock under the water. Usually polar bears thus prey on eiders, guillemots, sailors and some other birds, depending on the territory of their habitat. Bears like to regale and bird eggs, making their way to the nesting places and ruining them, while picking up the fallen chicks.

Predators living in the polar Spitsbergen archipelago often do not touch the wild deer grazing nearby, practically not showing any interest to them.

Polar bears, living in the coastal tundra, often hunt for the northern voles - the so-called lemmings.

Vegetable food in the diet of polar bears

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A fairly small part of the diet of polarVarious predators make up various components of plant origin. However, almost all polar bears from time to time resort to them to make up a supply of vitamins and other nutrients. According to zoologists, sometimes predators even feel an acute need for various plant foods. As a rule, in the autumn they willingly consume berries (blueberries, crowfish and even cranberries), cereals and herbs of sedge, various wild plants, for example, sorrel, as well as mosses and lichens.

It is also known that in the period March-April bearsThey can excavate snow to find shoots of the polar willow and sedges. Thus, predators seek to fill the lack of vitamins and trace elements, scientists believe.

It has also been observed that polar bears canEat sea-washed kelp, fucus and other seaweed, thrown out by the sea on the coast. And some of the bears that live in Spitsbergen periodically dive, trying to find such food.

Atypical food

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Recently, there are frequent references toThat polar bears, which are located near settlements, eat a variety of inedible objects, including tarpaulins and engine oil. However, they are not indifferent to food stocks made by people. Eats predators and food left by man for dogs, as well as baits that are found in the Arctic fishes. In some cases, bears can eat even in garbage cans on the outskirts of settlements. Unfortunately, because of these habits, wild animals can die - such cases are registered more and more.

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