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WHAT fed mosquitoes in the woods

The feed on mosquitoes in the woods

Mosquitoes - are insects that are their bites can deliver a person a lot of unpleasant moments.

But no human blood is their main food.

Culex pipiens - blood-sucking insects thatmost often found in river valleys or marshy lowlands, in the forest zone. Life expectancy depends largely on the temperature - it is about 1.5-4 months. In males, the life expectancy is much less than in females.

The feed on mosquitoes

As the insects fly
To maintain the life of the forest mosquitoes feedsugar-liquids plant juice. To ensure the development of the offspring, females still need the blood - human or any warm-blooded animals. This blood is also partially used as food. To gain access to needed her blood vessels, the female pierces the skin with thin bristles that are hidden inside the proboscis, and sucks the blood. In this case, the puncture of the skin gets her saliva, due to which blood clotting is disturbed - slightly, of course, only to komariha could drink the right amount of blood to her. But with this saliva can be transmitted different unpleasant infections that cause swelling and itching, and sometimes an allergic reaction.
What are the smallest insects
The mosquito-male bristles are very gentle - they pierce the skin, he is not able to, so food can only eat flower nectar.
But so eat only adults. Like other Diptera insects, mosquitoes in its development through four stages: the egg, larva, pupa, imago. For every female can lay in the stagnant water of different bodies of water about three hundred eggs. Soon of them hatch into larvae. They usually swim upside down from ponds surface, feeding on small organisms and various organic species, unless there is a transformation into a pupa. When coming to an end in the development of mosquito pupa in the cocoon there is a small gap, and from it crawls the adult.

Why mosquitoes no one likes

Culex pipiens, as well as other blood-suckinginsects, is able to deliver to people a lot of trouble. Mosquito bites are not only quite painful, but can also cause infection of infectious diseases. There are some areas where mosquitoes are found in such numbers that they can interfere with grazing cattle, as well as complicate the work of people who work in the field, in the garden, in the garden.
To find a victim, komariha versed inFirst of all the smell - it is able to capture carbon dioxide, which identifies the victim breathing. We then allocated to lactic acid odor can smell several kilometers away, so sweaty man attracts more insects.

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