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With what to drink wines: red dry and white semisweet


With what to drink wines: red dry and white semisweet</a>

Each alcoholic drink is well combined with certain products, and with others loses its flavor and other qualities.

It is especially important to know with what you need to drink wine, soAs there is a whole culture of its use, and many fans of this alcoholic beverage call the ability to combine it with dishes and delicacies with art.

With what to drink red dry wine?

Red dry wine should be roomTemperature, not lower than 16оС. It is poured into convex glasses on a thin stalk of medium height. Red wines are ideal for red meat dishes, their bright taste is complemented by strong smell and rich meat taste of fried mutton, beef. It is customary to drink it with grilled dishes or shish kebab. Red dry wine does not go well with white chicken meat - it is too tender compared to the tart taste of the drink. Although with another bird, especially fried game, wine is excellent drink. Pates and dishes from fine minced meat are also good with it.
The combination of red table wine with fishIs considered not classical and not unique, but some connoisseurs appreciate him for an interesting flavor ensemble. But you should choose fish carefully - it is desirable to take fatty salmon, tuna or sea trout.
Red dry wine can be drunk with almost anyCheese, especially with low-fat species. All dishes with cheese in the composition can be combined with this wine: lasagna, spaghetti, pizza. For a lighter meal with wine, ripe sweet fruits - peaches, nectarines, pears, plums.
Perhaps a combination of dry wine with egg dishes, it is also sometimes drunk with soups, but light broths do not fit - it should be saturated soups with a lot of fat.
The more spicy and spicy the dish, the betterCombined with a red dry wine, so it is great for a meal in Mexican or Indian style. But do not be too fond of spicy food: the more flavors and shades of taste in the dish, the more difficult it is to feel the taste of the wine itself.

With what to drink white semisweet wine?

White semisweet wines, on the contrary, are excellentApproach to the fish - no connoisseur of good alcohol or gourmet will not refuse the combination of a slightly cool white drink with soft fish under an island sauce. Ideal for him white tender meat: poultry, veal. This wine can be drunk and with dark meat, especially with game, but for shish kebab from mutton, pork or beef it is better to choose red. White semi-sweet wine is an excellent choice for any dish with sour cream sauce, this drink perfectly complements its delicate creamy taste.
A good white wine with light cheeses,Sausages, seafood, pate from goose liver, desserts. It is very important to choose light, not very spicy and spicy dishes for white semisweet wine, as it is a drink with a delicate aroma that is easily eclipsed by the smells of different seasonings.

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