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What to do with unruly hair

What to do with unruly hair

Unruly hair - it is an unmitigated disaster: they stick out in different directions, not to style.

Sometimes it even seems that the only way out - a short haircut.

But do not hurry: you can try to "revive" unruly hair.

The hair becomes unruly due to shampooingtoo hot water, use of low-quality cosmetics, coloring and endless zavivok etc. unruly hair treatment is their moisture and priglazhivanii opened flakes hairs. To do this, purchased beauty products with moisturizing effect or effective folk remedies can be used.

Honey and vinegar mixture for unruly hair

To moisten the hair, it is recommended to prepare a medicinal composition comprising the following components:
- 0.5 tsp apple or grape uksusa-
- 120-130 ml of water-
- 1-1.5 tbsp honey.
Med diluted with warm water, add vinegar. Moisturizing blend cover clean damp strands, keep the mask for 12-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Hemp seed oil - an indispensable tool for unruly hair

Hemp oil well tames unrulyhair. And it gives a shock of hair cosmetic luxurious luster, lifeless hair fills the vital force and glues the opened scales. Hemp oil used in pure form or as a major component of the moisturizing mixture.

Slightly warmed in a water bath hempoil is applied to the hair, and then, covering his head with a plastic bag and are insulated with a towel, hold oil 30-33 minutes and wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Also for unruly hair is useful to make a mask, a recipe which is as follows:
- 2-3 tbsp hemp oils-
- 1 tbsp carrot soka-
- 1-1.5 tbsp meda-
- 5-7 drops of rose essential oil.
Heated to a comfortable temperature oilhemp mixed with honey, juice and essential oil. The nutritional composition is applied to damp strands after washing your hair, stand for half an hour, then wash off. If the procedure for using this cosmetic product performed twice a week for months on end, luxurious hair shine and brilliance will be a source of pride.

Great influence on the unruly hair has a composition consisting of the following components:
- Hemp oil (2 parts) -
- Honey (1 part).
The ingredients are mixed and then the mixture was slightlyheated in a water bath. Then wet clean composition cover locks, wrapped his head with a plastic bag and put on top of a woolen cap. This vitamin cocktail held from two hours to a whole night. Wash the composition of warm water and shampoo.

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