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What to do with an old smartphone

What to do with an old smartphone

Let's say you bought a new smartphone, but what to do with the old - is not yet decided.

Throw sorry for him, but also to use it for its intended purpose, you do not want.

Solve the future legacy telephone help tips on recycling technology.



As an alarm clock.
You can give a second life to an unnecessary device,using it as an alarm clock. Firstly, you can still wake up to your favorite tunes, and secondly, the new phone at night will be disabled.


For games.
If you have a new smartphone, the old can be used as a gaming console. And then you will not have to worry about too quickly discharged battery.


Use as a remote control for remote control.
Installation on your old phone a pair of special applications can transform the gadget into the remote control, for example, a PC or a separate program like iTunes.


As the document storage server.
If you do not want to place the files oncloud servers such as Yandex.Disk or OneDrive, the obsolete device is quite pull the role of a spare flash memory, which you can reset all the important documents, or where you can store your favorite photos.


Player or radio.
By purchasing high quality headphones, you can quickly and easily turn an old smartphone to a new player.

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