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cooling system malfunctions can result insome serious problems with the car, therefore, hardly noticing that the arrow thermometer crept up, lit pilot lamp overheating of the engine, from under the hood appeared couples or out white smoke from the exhaust, heater suddenly began to blow a little cool air, stop the car and turn the engine off.

These symptoms may indicate that you have a shortage of antifreeze.



The first reason - the sample head gasketcylinders. It is most likely for cars with mileage of more than 100 000 km. Gasket cylinder head is experiencing severe stress. If the gasket is made of metal, temperature and compression impacts only slightly affect it, but paronitovye pads are much more susceptible to damage. Most often, the sample head gasket occurs when the engine overheats.


The manifestation of the breakdown of PHB: 1) Antifreeze protrudes from the expansion tank, which means that the gases at the time of compression in the engine cylinders under pressure enter the cooling jacket, creating an overpressure therein. 2) Antifreeze goes inside the cylinder (s), rushing into the exhaust system with exhaust gases. It appears white smoke, as well as the sweet smell of exhaust. 3) A defect in the PHB coolant gets into the crankcase, mixing with the engine oil and forming a white emulsion. 4) Antifreeze goes out due to gapping cylinder head to the block.


In any of the above cases, you should immediately consult a workshop to repair. So you can avoid more serious problems with the engine.


Mechanical wear of components and system mechanismsCooling can also lead to a shortage of coolant. Antifreeze may fall to where it should not be in a variety of places. For example, through a damaged cooling system radiator, radiator pipes, radiator drain seal boxes, water pump oil seal and other places. There are many options, but this kind of defects are determined visually during the passage of maintenance.


If there is suspicion of a hidden leak of antifreeze, manufacture molding cooling system. By identifying the source of the leak, the defect can be remedied by repair or replacement of the defective unit.

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