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What to do with a rebellious teenager

What to do with a rebellious teenager

When children refuse to listen and respond to requests from senior parents uncomfortable. They have a feeling that erupted competitions in tug of war.

And the child, and parents with the same dedication pull it toward you.

As a result, each party fails.

Moms and dads feel indignation when theiroffspring are disobedient. But whenever the parents are aware that the neglect by the authorities is a prerequisite for the formation of a child a person self-confidence.
The baby sincerely believed in himself and foundas an independent person, he must understand the most important thing. Leaders, for which he had previously followed unquestioningly, are no longer so. And it is something smarter than they are.
If he was able to work around my mom and dad, who werefor him the most influential people, he will find the strength to get around anyone! It is this idiom is prescribed in the subconscious of children. Little revolutionary, rebelled against the boring family mode, a future leader. He took a good "dose" of confidence in their own competence, and can never with her "get off."
Faith in the forces generated in adolescentsThanks to the skills of decision-making. Children should understand that life is a consequence of their own choice and the circumstances in which it was made. Choice gives strength, and the ability to make it significantly reduces the level of stress in children. Also, it is more effective than coercion.

Why teens are naughty?

The reason are the parents who can notto allocate more time to communicate with his son. Chaotic lifestyle leaves no room Mom and Dad to pay attention to the child, to debate with him. Adults need to have it obeyed this very second, as they are too busy with their own problems.
Children are not always able to change very quickly. Sometimes disobedience is a temporary reaction of adolescents to change the current situation. It can be a moving, changing schools, a divorce or older puberty. We need to give children time to recover.

How to survive the transition age of the child without the stress?

For parents, this period is not easystep. They mistakenly believe that their role as the main defender altered radically, and the main purpose they can not perform. And then mom and dad begin to feel unwanted characters in children's lives.
Adults say that all of them less likely to admit tomake important decisions concerning the child. And in their minds, it turns into a tragedy. Parents are missing the point: they still need offspring, but in this period, they should step back and organize a private room for him, so he had the opportunity to grow mentally balanced, full and whole person.

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