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WHAT to do if the computer turns itself off


The insides of the computer</a>

Computers are becoming more sophisticated.

A typical desktop system has such power that it will easily launch a rocket into space. However, any PC may suddenly stop working.

And there are several reasons for this.

First aid for PC

Disconnection of the computer is usually due to the fact that the cooling system can not cope with its work. This is the first and simplest reason to be sorted out.
To do this, you need to carefully open the system unit,Take it out if possible on the street or on the balcony and blow it with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Today, models of hand-held vacuum cleaners specially designed for such purposes are being sold. If you are lucky enough to get it, you can carry out regular cleaning once a month or two.
Also, it is not superfluous to check all the fans in operation. If any of them do not work, they need to be replaced.
In some cases it happens that with the heating of the "hardware" everything is fine, but the BIOS settings are set incorrectly:
- CPU Critical Temperature -Which monitors the heating of the processor. If it is set to a value that is too low, the computer will be warned of a possible shutdown. It is recommended to set 65 - 75oC.
- ACPI Shutdown Temperature - directly disconnects the PC if a critical temperature threshold is reached. Installing 65 - 75oC will solve the problem.
It also happens that the temperature rises because,That the processor is loosely attached to the radiator. This is possible with a poor fixation or a dry thermal paste. The problem is solved simply by going to the store for thermal paste or hot melt adhesive and applying the selected substance to the destination.
Often shutting down the computer, as well as itsReasonable multiple reboots are the result of installed software or drivers. If you installed non-certified drivers, they may be incompatible with your hardware. Hence the obvious problem is shutdown.
So it or not - in any case, the virus scan does not hurt, which should be done as soon as possible, as soon as the first signs of malfunctions appeared.

When improvised ways do not help

In difficult cases, the computer may be turned off andFor other reasons. If you conduct a visual inspection of the PC's internals, you can see how some capacitors "swelled". In this case, only professional help will help.
If visual inspection shows nothing, and the problem remains, then professional advice is also recommended.

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