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What to do when you feel anxiety

Do not succumb to anxiety

Man in a state of alarm can not concentrate on anything.

This inhibits the sense leads to depression.

If time does not get rid of anxiety in the heart, it captivates the individual and does not allow to live normally.

Sometimes a man fighting his anxiety withthrough a variety of sedatives, drugs, popular recipes. Someone is trying to stifle this feeling excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking. Some believe that it helps calm calorie foods in large quantities or besperestannaya cleaning the apartment.
Anxiety brings to life the individual confusion. If this condition began to appear often enough, perhaps it makes sense to seek help from a professional psychologist. When the alarm is played only a bit part in your life, you can try to deal with it yourself.
But let it take its course in any case impossible. Keep in mind that in the future uncontrollable anxiety can cause disruption of the functioning of various organs, can lead to eating disorders, alcohol dependence, nicotine and other drugs, insomnia, neurosis, heart disease.
Before you begin to deal with anxiety, realizeit's a sense of danger has no objective reasons. When you understand clearly what your fears are false, it will be easier to overcome. Think about why you do not feel safe. Maybe some kind of negative events taking place in your past still affect your condition.
In this case it is necessary to study the cases ina result of which you are injured. Sometimes it helps a detailed analysis of the situation, understanding and awareness of their mistakes, how should correct the behavior in the future, to avoid falling into such a situation. Some people, who bore so lesson, calm down, but others continue to experience. Now it is in self-esteem and lack of confidence in itself.
Raise the level of respect and love for yourself. Together with them and improve your self-esteem will be adequate. Remember your victories. Stop spending is not profitable for you comparisons with the lives of others.
If you are concerned about the likelihood that will happensome specific situation, as much as possible to prepare her. For example, if you are afraid of the deserted streets of a possible attack stray dogs learn tricks that you can protect yourself from this animal. Do not take a passive position of the victim, the actions taken any steps to feel stronger and more confident.

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