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WHAT to do when love is gone


What to do when love is gone</a>

Love is not eternal, and when it comes to understanding that she is gone, you need to take some action.

Otherwise, not very positive feelings will come to replace the emptiness.

Love unites people, but often it happens,That she was leaving. However, the extinguished feeling can be revived, but only for this will take decisive steps until the beloved person has become an outsider, and recent love has not changed into hatred.

The return of past feelings

If love is gone, then it does not mean that you needImmediately tear relations, because the old feelings can still be reanimated. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the situation and understand, and what is the reason for her departure. Perhaps, it is necessary to spend more time together, and then love will flash again.
Often, feelings cool down when a person does notLike those or other habits of his partner. In this case, do not dwell on them, it is better to look at it with different eyes. Here it is recommended to take a paper, a pen and write down on the column those qualities of a loved one who like. You should also record your good and bad habits. So, it will be possible to see the situation from several sides, after which the problem will disappear, and the feelings will return again, and with renewed vigor.

A break up

When love goes, to replace this feelingOthers come. This can be both respect and hatred. If negative feelings for the partner settled in the heart, it's better to leave, because nothing good will come of this union. Parting in this case will be a relief for both of them. Believe me, it's better to part friends than enemies. Do not bring yourself to this, you need to try to part ways, not passing this line. At this stage, you can still agree, so do not miss the moment.

Temporary separation

Often everyday life and everyday life kill even the mostExalted feelings. In this situation, the couple often get tired from each other. Partners may think that love has disappeared, but it is not, it just went into the background. In this case, a temporary parting will help. Each of the partners will be able to consider the situation, and decide for themselves whether it is worth continuing this relationship. Do they bring joy or are burdensome?
Usually parting for a month is completely placedPriorities. Often couples can not stand each other without a friend and a week, they start calling up, and a strong half invites to a date, gives flowers, looks after, and love blossoms again. If within a month there was no desire to call, then you should reconcile with the departure of love and leave, because the old feelings are no longer, which means that you should not continue the relationship, which will eventually lead to a rupture.

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