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What to do when the laptop slows

What to do when the laptop slows

Modern laptop on the functionality is not inferior to the classic PC. However, they all tend to sometimes braked during operation.

Therefore, you need to figure out what to do when the brakes laptop.

laptop pollution

Because of the design of the laptop,air circulation inside its body is much worse than in the conventional system unit. So often inhibited the work of the laptop is connected to a ventilation pollution. In order to clear its need to set the smallest cross-shaped screwdriver, a toothbrush and a dry rag. For the most basic cleaning of this kit will be enough. For a more thorough cleaning may require professional help. First, you need to unscrew the cover on the back side, then take a close look at the fan and radiator grille. If they are in the dust, it is necessary to remove it.
If you do not carry out regular cleaning laptop,This can lead to overheating of the processor. In the best case it will require the replacement of the CPU thermal grease, at worst - the purchase of new. It can not do in one thousand rubles, especially when it comes to the latest models.

Cleaning memory

Not less frequently than pollution, inhibitedLaptop work can be associated with memory overload (RAM). In order to check its load, you must enter the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. This will bring up the Task Manager. Normal loading RAM varies from 20 to 50%. All the above can cause the brake system. To avoid this, it is possible through the same manager to remove processes which are loaded system and do not need the user. Also, many antivirus programs can block unwanted processes even when the system is started. This is very useful to use when working on any computer.
Sometimes memory is hammered through the fault of a variety of malicious programs. Therefore, anti-virus on your computer must be installed without fail.

Clean up your hard disk

If it is clogged by more than 70%, it will affect thethe system as a whole. Therefore, it is regularly cleaned from the unnecessary information. It is also necessary to preserve the integrity of the data on it, which is defragmentation. It is worth spending at least one every six months. As a rule, the corresponding program is installed along with the operating system.

laptop Problem

Most worryingly, when the retardation systemmechanical failure associated with any hardware laptop means. If all of the above described did not lead to results, it is necessary to disassemble the laptop and study its hardware. Fault can judge a loud hard disk noise, odor or burning plastic, potekshie transistors and more.
When the laptop is still under warranty, you shouldhold it a complete diagnosis of the service center, which is attached to the sale of the store. diagnosis period is up to two weeks. After checking the consumer any money back or make the act of replacing a laptop on the same or other surcharge. In that case, if the fault is caused by the user, it will have to part with the money to fix it.

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