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What to do when misted window

What to do to not sweat box

Some owners of apartments or town houses are complaining that after the installation of PVC windows often misted glass.

There are several practical ways to prevent fogging effect.

To solve the problem of misting, is, first of all, to find the cause of this phenomenon.

One reason may be that fog thatthe consumer wants to save on established windowed package, so choose a simpler configuration. Therefore, by setting in his home glazing, consisting of one air gap, you can get the temperature imbalance in the winter there, and the result will be that the window will be "crying." In this case, you should consider replacing the plastic construction for a similar, but having two air chambers.

Wide sills and flowers

The second reason for some professionals callradiators, which can overlap the sill. The result is a temperature difference - of course, the window starts to sweat. To address this shortcoming should seek blowing window designs with warm air inside.

To solve this problem you need to reducethe depth of the window sill or move closer to the battery construction window. We can also just add a heat source directed at heating "crying" glass.
A third reason that can lead tothe appearance of condensation on the windows - it's a bad ventilation inside. In such a situation it is necessary to replace the ventilation grilles, vents clean and ventilate the room every day, opening windows.

Positioning the flowers on the window sill is not recommended.

On the fogging of glass can affect evenhouseplants. At that moment, when the plants "breathe", they emit moisture, which immediately settles on the double-glazed windows and condensation. To solve this kind of problem, you just need to move your flowers away from the window.

Kitchen window and incorrect installation

Most prone to sweating windows located inkitchen area. This is understandable, because there is always increased humidity - operated stove, pans and kettles are heated, there is a constant movement of the water. An indispensable condition for such facilities - the presence of multi-glazed windows.
We can not lose sight of the reasons doiskivayassweating, possible, though unlikely installation error. This is completely reset from the accounts is also not recommended. Improper installation of external slopes and window frame assembly can be the main reason for having the temperature drop inside the glass. In this situation, it is only necessary to remove the cause, then the window will please the owner again.

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