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What to do with high blood pressure

What to do with high blood pressure

The sharp increase in blood pressure, orhypertensive crisis - is not only the highest figures recorded by a tonometer, and exacerbation of all the symptoms of hypertension. Numbness in limbs, flickering flies in the eyes, speech difficulty indicates disturbances in cerebral circulation.

These symptoms should not be ignored, since they can lead to heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

Emergency call

Without doubt, call emergency doctor -the first thing that needs to be done with a sharp increase in blood pressure, which occurred in you, someone has a family member, a colleague, or a passerby. Understand that this is a hypertensive crisis, a number of features to help, directly or indirectly pointing to this medical emergency (as characterized by its physicians).

Symptoms of a hypertensive crisis

The clinical picture of hypertensive crisis is extremelydiverse, there is even a special classification, according to which emit three basic varieties: neurovegetative, swelling and convulsive. But the common man (not a doctor) is enough to know the key features of a hypertensive crisis. These include:
- Headache (usually in the back of the head) -
- noise in ears-
- odyshka-
- Blurred vision: fly before his eyes, fog, veil, Mesh-
- Shake hands or just tela-
- Facial flushing (some red or pink bright spots) -
- cardiopalmus-
- Numbness of the lips, tongue, litsa-
- Lethargy reactions is
- Wheezing when dyhanii-
- Goose bumps all over telu-
- Dry mouth, etc.
If the pressure drop did not occur to you, and withanother person, it makes sense not only to celebrate the change in his behavior and appearance, but also to ask how he feels (unless, of course, he is able to answer).

First aid at elevated pressure

It is possible to settle down and go to (orsoothe and put to bed a man who abruptly jumped up pressure and you were close). If the horizontal position can not breathe, you can take a reclining position or sitting. It is necessary to ensure free access of oxygen: unbutton his shirt, blouse top buttons or zipper, open the window, door or window. It is desirable to eliminate the external stimulus - noise, bright lights, strong smells.
Sometimes serious condition remove mustard,placed on the back of the neck and calf muscles, and hot foot bath with mustard, providing blood flow to the legs and causing thereby relieved. If the pain is felt in the heart, you can take nitroglycerin under the tongue. It is also possible supplementation of those drugs that lower blood pressure. With a large emotional stress, often accompanying a hypertensive crisis (panic, fright, strong anxiety), it is worth to take a soothing valerian drops or Corvalol valokardin.
Special attention during the skyrocketingblood pressure require elderly. If you overdo it, and quickly reduce their pressure, thereby causing lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, can provoke a state of the other extreme - insufficiency of cerebral blood supply. Thus, a hundredfold increase the risk of stroke.
Do not forget every 15 minutes to measureblood pressure and record data. This information may be useful, and the ambulance doctor and the doctor, as they will have the opportunity to follow during an attack, its dynamics and to draw correct conclusions and purpose in providing assistance.

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