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WHAT to do so the dog did not smell of dog

What the dog did not smell of dog

Unpleasant smell from the dog can mess upimpression even on the friendly and devoted pet. The home team dogs are trying by all means to get rid of skunk smell in the apartment, remove it from the clothing and upholstery.

Most of these treatments have only a temporary effect.

If you are having this problem, do not try to get rid of the "flavor", and try to identify its cause.

Reasons smell skunk

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Unpleasant smell from the dog may be atseveral reasons - inadequate care of hair and an unhealthy diet. Experts note that different breeds of dogs have their own characteristics. There are pets that smell more intense, and there are those that do not deliver such a hassle.
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Each dog's hair is connected to sebaceousglands. It is known that dogs do not sweat, sweat liquid in them is only in the paws. However, the moisture evaporating from the body, it passes through the scalp. If the dog's fur is dirty, it appears peculiar smell. Accordingly, the more contaminated a dog, the more intense will smell.
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How to deal with the smell of skunk

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The most effective way to get rid ofodor - a regular dog swimming. During washing the wool is better to use special shampoos, then your pet will smell sweet in the truest sense of the word.
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If you do not have enough time to conductregular bathing treatments, then think about this before buying a dog in advance. It is proved that short-haired dogs smell a lot less than their furry cousins. In addition, short coat requires little maintenance and does not cause trouble during molting.
Pay attention to your diet foodpet. When unbalanced or wrong diet unpleasant smell of wool can not just suddenly appear, but also to increase its intensity. The main food for dogs is meat. Replace it can neither bone nor dry food. If the dog does not get enough vitamins, it directly affects the work of multiple systems in her body. One consequence of the lack of your attention and can become saturated with the smell of skunk.

How to remove the unpleasant smell from the apartment

From the apartment or from the clothes smell of skunk can be removedOnly traditional methods - treatment, cleaning and washing. Additionally, you can use air fresheners. The apartment should be the most frequently aired. In order for such problems did not arise, it is better to take care of the health of your pet. The smell will appear again and again, and the time to get rid of it is better spent on a dog swimming.
Sometimes the smell of skunk appears even with regularPet Care. In this case, note that it may not come from the dog's body, and on its paws. On the pads are sweat glands, so they need to be cleaned or washed after walking. Bad breath may be an indication of health problems, visit your veterinarian.

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