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How to proceed, so that a bad dream does not come true


How to proceed, so that a bad dream does not come true</a>

Sleep is a projection of the work of the subconscious, and notRandom pictures. Sometimes the subconscious in advance shows to the person that negative events await him, and then we see in a dream a real situation or encrypted information that carries alarming sensations.

Sometimes there are "prophetic" dreams.

However, this does not mean that everything will be exactly as it was in this dream.

Prophetic dreams are seen by people who are well developedintuition. We remember that Mendeleev dreamed of a periodic system of chemical elements in his dream, many scientists dreamed of solving problems and theorems, simple people in their dreams came to clues about how to act in this or that case. Why are we talking about prophetic dreams? Because they make the greatest impression on a person, he remembers them, discusses them with others, retells and guesses: it will come true - it will not come to pass. This is a vivid vision, in which everything is clear and clear, and you understand that everything will be as it is in a dream, and not otherwise. Sometimes dreams come in the form of allegories or allegories: that you are floating on the sea, full of chips and debris, but it's good and cheerful for you to stand on the mountain and you are afraid that an eagle will fly and you will have to fight with it, and so on. Many people dream that they are running away from someone terrible, and can not escape in any way. Parents dream that they steal children and they save them. That is, there are dreams of situations in which people have never been and are unlikely to be.

Many for decoding dreams refer toSonnets, but this is not a very accurate way to understand what your subconscious vision means. The fact is that only the person can decipher his dream, no one else can accurately determine what information is behind him. Especially, do not brush aside dreams - this is information for reflection, not an accidental vision. Just do not have to worry about it - it's better to analyze your sleep peacefully.

What needs to be done to ensure that the dreamed negative event does not come true?

First you need to understand what a dream is. Psychosomatic specialists say that when a person sees a dream, he creates an information cell in space that is recorded as a magnetic tape or disk. That is, it is real information that exists and can fully materialize on the material plane. And often incarnates if a person believes that a dream is prophetic. That is, with his energy, he saturates this cell and makes it even more real. Moreover, if he constantly thinks about it (the idea is material), he tells his acquaintances (they also contribute their thoughts).

Now it becomes clear that the dreamYou just need to erase the information, how to erase the tape recording. Better yet, rewrite this entry anew, changing it to a positive one. If you can not completely remake, you can, as it were, continue the dream by writing a happy ending to it. And do it better several times during the day, so that the new information cell is well established. The main thing is to believe that all this is done realistically. You can be so tuned that the information is reworked already during sleep - that is, a person in a dream controls himself and does not allow negative information, immediately remodels it into a positive one.

In addition, it can be noted that in a dreamYou can even get answers to questions. Before going to sleep, already half asleep, you can ask your subconscious mind, simply saying: "I want to know (clearly formulate the question." Some people get it the first time, someone does not succeed in a week or so - this is again by faith.

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