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What has been done by March 8 of balloons

What to do for March 8 from balloons

On the eve of March 8, many puzzlingwondering what to give your favorite girlfriend, mother, sister or girlfriend. A perfect solution would be an original gift made with their own hands - for example, from balloons.

They are good because they are inexpensive, but give freedom of imagination and creativity, because you can make a lot of them.

Well, in the Women's Day, it is best to make a beautiful and colorful bouquet.

This will help the art of making figures from balloons - twisting.

What you will need for the manufacture of a bouquet of balloons

Getting to the manufacture of a bouquet of balloons, prepare in advance:
- hand pump-
- 5 balls 10 inches in size (25.4 cm) or more-
- 6 balloons measuring 5 inches (12.7 cm) -
- 5 green balls and 6 balls of other colors for modeling Q260 (SCHDM).

How to make a flower from balloons

Inflate the red ball, leaving thespace (3 cm.) at the ends. In order to tie the ball, wrap it around the tip of the forefinger and middle finger, and then paste it into the resulting loop and tie. Do the same with the second ball of the same color.

During operation, follow the main rules: Do not inflate the balloon to not kontsa- begin twisting from the "neck" shara- twist the product in one direction.

Tie the ends of the two balls double tight knot, to result in a ring. Fold in half the resulting ring and 2-fold in the fold twist .;
Folded ball, divide into 3 parts, twistingtwo pieces in two places. Fold the accordion balloon. Take it with one hand in the field of twisting and twist the second hand in the middle. You will have a flower .;
Now make a stem for him. To do this, inflate a green bowl, leaving at its end some free space. Then, at a distance of 10 cm. From the site make it bend and twist in the wrong place, at the level of which turned out to be a node. This will hide the resulting nodule at the site of twisting.
Insert the stem in the center of the flower. If you wish to make the leaves: Take in the middle of the stem 10 cm, several times Twist and fold the resulting .; leaves.

Making a bouquet of balloons

Take a hot air balloon for the simulation,inflate it, leaving the tip free 7 cm. Then pull back from the node 4-5 cm., make a twist on the leg, and the resulting tail with a bundle tightly strapped to the point of twisting. As a result, you get a small ball.
Connect the ends of the balloon to createvicious circle. Do not forget to calculate the thickness of the desired bouquet. ball tip cut off almost at a node, it does not interfere. You get a kind of "ribbon" for a bouquet of balloons.

Using different versions of "ribbons", you can create an unusual composition.

Fully inflate the second balloon for modeling,leaving free a small ponytail. Then back down to 30 cm. From the site and make one big loop. Next to her, another twist loop of similar size. Make sure that the tip of the second ball was the same length as the first. You should get a bow.
Pair it with a "ribbon", and the ends of the bow beautifully bend. Insert colors of balloons in the "ribbon" with a bow. Bouquet from balloons ready!

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