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WHAT to do by March 8 from inflatable balls


What to do by March 8 of the inflatable balls</a>

On the eve of March 8, many are puzzledA question what to present to the beloved girl, to mum, the sister or the girlfriend. An excellent solution will be an original gift made by yourself - for example, from balloons.

They are good because they are inexpensive, but at the same time they provide freedom of imagination and creativity, because you can make many of them.

Well, on a woman's day is best to make a beautiful and bright bouquet.

In this you will help the art of creating figures from inflatable balls - twisting.

What you need to make a bouquet of inflatable balls

When preparing a bouquet of balloons, prepare in advance:
- hand pump-
- 5 balls measuring 10 inches (25.4 cm) or larger-
- 6 inflatable balls measuring 5 inches (12.7 cm) -
- 5 green balls, as well as 6 balls of other shades for modeling Q260 (ShCHM).

How to make a flower out of inflatable balls

Inflate the red ball, while leavingFree space (3 cm) at the ends. To tie a ball, wrap its tip around the index and middle fingers, then insert it into the received loop and tie it. Do the same with the second ball of the same color.

While working, adhere to the main rules: do not inflate the ball until the end, start twisting from the "neck" of the ball-twist the product in one direction.

Tie the ends of the two balls double dense knot, so that the result is a ring. Fold the resulting ring in half and twist it 2 times at the folding point .;
Fold the ball into 3 pieces, twistingTwo parts in two places. Fold the ball with an accordion. Take it with one hand in the places of twisting, and twist the second hand in the center. You will have a flower;
Now make a stalk for him. To do this, inflate the green ball, leaving a bit of free space on its end. Then at a distance of 10 cm from the node, make a bend and twist it in the place at the level of which the knot was. This will hide the resulting bundle in the place of twisting.
Insert the stem into the center of the flower. If you wish, make leaves: take in the middle of the stem 10 cm, several times twist and spread the resulting leaves .;

Making a bouquet of balloons

Take one balloon for simulation,Inflate it, leaving the tip of 7 cm free. Then move away from the knot 4-5 cm., Make a twist on the leg, and the resulting tail with a knot tightly reel to the place of twisting. As a result, you will get a small ball.
Connect the ends of the inflatable ball to createClosed circle. Do not forget to calculate the thickness of the desired bouquet beforehand. Cut the tip of the ball almost under the knot so that it does not interfere. You will get a kind of "ribbon" for a bouquet of balloons.

Using different variants of "ribbons", you can create unusual compositions.

Fully inflate the second ball for simulation,Leaving a small tail free. After that, retreat 30 cm from the knot and make one large loop. Next to it, twist another loop of a similar size. Make sure that the second tip of the ball is the same length as the first. You should get a bow.
Connect it to the "ribbon", and the ends of the bow itself beautifully curved. Insert the flowers from the balloons into the "ribbon" with a bow. A bouquet of flowers from inflatable balls is ready!

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