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WHAT to do on Good Friday

What to do on Good Friday

Good Friday - the day when Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross.

This is a special day for all Christians, no matter what branch of the church teachings they hold.

Church Service on this day different from the usual.

Good Friday

In Latin Good Friday called DiesPassionis Domini, and in Orthodoxy sometimes say more Great Friday. Despite the difference in names, the day when Christians remember the death of Jesus on the cross, his removal from the cross, and burial, is equally important in the Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and in other branches of this world religion.
According to the statute, in the night from Thursday to GoodFriday should serve Matins of Great Friday. At this time, take turns reading aloud the twelve fragments of all the Gospels that speak about the Passion of Christ. In between the different gospels sing songs (antiphons and stihry), which tells the story of how Judas betrayed Christ for 20 pieces of silver, condemned his betrayal and greed, condemned the treachery of the Jews. Much of the hymns dedicated to the Passion of Christ as described in all their glory.
On this day, never liturgy forexcept in rare cases when the calendar comes out, so that it coincides with the Annunciation. In this case, read the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. On Good Friday liturgy in place are the so-called Royal or Grand Opening during the service read proverbs - a special part of the Old Testament.

Worship on Good Friday

In the afternoon vespers with the removalShroud. With this service, on the situation of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in the tomb, the cycle ends with Good Friday worship. Shroud endure and give it a place of honor in the center of the cathedral or temple.

On the Shroud is depicted Jesus Christ, lying in a coffin. Usually it is portrayed in the growth.

Shroud decorated with flowers, around voskurivayutit incense, put on her gospel. During the service relies standing with his head down near the Shroud, as it symbolizes the way Christ sacrificed himself for the salvation of all mankind. Followers canon "Crying of Our Lady."
In the evening, spend Saturday morning, and then take out the shroud. This means the burial of Christ. On Good Friday, read the best texts of worship, which are considered masterpieces of church poetry.

What believers

The most zealous Christians do not eat anything until it is taken out of the Shroud, and the rest of the day eat only bread and water.

Good Friday - the time of temptations. According to the tenets of the Christian religion, on this day it is particularly dangerous to fall into sinful behavior, therefore it is necessary to comply with particularly strict fasting.

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