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How to enter the military

How to enter the Naval School

Naval Academy is not so much in our country.

To do there are minors, young people aged 11, 15 and 16 years who have completed the fourth, eighth and eleventh grade, respectively. Duration of training - 7, 3 and 2 years.

A prerequisite for admission to the school of the Navy is learning English at school.



On admission you will need to go through the following steps: collection of documents, entrance exams.


Required documents:

-Personal statement about the desire to learn to the head uchilischa-
-zaverennaya notary copy of rozhdenii-
-copy instrument of Russian citizenship, if you reside outside of the RF-
-characteristic school teachers, certified by the signatures of the teaching staff of the school, the director, the official stamp of school-
-extract of candidate performance report card with grades for & nbsp-I, & nbsp-II & nbsp-and & nbsp-IIIuchebnye 4th quarter (8, 9 th) grade with an indication of learning English, certified by the official stamp of school-
-four photos 3 × 4 without a hat with printing destination on the lower right uglu-
-copy health insurance polysaccharide
-Medical card issued by military medical komissiey-
-spravka a residence of parents indicating the family composition and living conditions.


The participants include preferential admissioncitizens, orphans and deprived of parental care - they are enlisted without exams on the results of the interview and medical examination. As well as those who have one parent is in the service contract in the field of fighting, etc. Such applicants must provide the necessary documents confirming the right to receive benefits:

-zaverennye copy of the certificate of death of the mother and father-
-zaverennye copy of the court decision on custody / popechitelstvu-
-spravka the presence of fixed residential ploschadi-
-zaverennaya copy of the trustee / custodian.
The other candidates, enjoying the right to non-competitive enrollment, provide:
-spravku or an extract from the personal file, confirming the death of one of roditeley-
-spravku of the military unit of the passage for service kontraktu- parent
cop certificate of divorce, etc. that the child is brought up without a father / material
-spravku from the military unit confirming roditelya- seniority
-extract of a military unit on the dismissal of the parent for any reason, the presence of seniority.


All the original documents you will need to submit to the selection committee for admission. The selection of candidates for admission is made in the established leadership of the school as possible.


Entrance examinations for applicants after the 4thand 8, 9, several different classes. After the 4th grade of secondary school candidates pass the Russian language in the form of dictation, mathematics in writing. Each exam for rent on the program of primary education.


After the 8th or 9th grade pretendentysdayut the same test, but the program of the 8th and 9th grade, respectively. All the results are assessed on a scale.


Physical training also varies somewhat. The low-pass unit pulling up on the bar and run for 60 m according to the standards of primary school. Average unit passes pulling up on the bar, running 60 meters and cross the 2000-m according to the standards of high school.


In the first place, are considered to enrollmentcandidates from among the beneficiaries, then those who have graduated from high-school as "excellent" and passed the first exam to assess the "5". And, in the last instance, considered other candidates on the basis of competitive selection.

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