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WHAT to do at a summer residence in February: works on a kitchen garden and in a garden


What to do in the country in February: work in the garden and in the garden</a>

In February, the earth, despite the low temperatures, begins to prepare for the arrival of spring. Outwardly, this is almost not manifested.

Gardeners and truck farmers are opening a new season.

Calendar of garden and garden works for February

Be sure to visit your site to check how reliable the plants are Protected from frosts. This month they can make themselves felt,As in no other. See if the shelter is in place. Usually foliage and brushwood at the end of winter can be displaced by the wind. If necessary, update the layer or temporarily cover the plants with jute bags.

Carry out work on snow retention. Seal the snow cover around perennials,Fruit trees, ornamental plants, shrubs. Stretch out the entire area for a longer time. It will well seal the snow and keep it for a longer period from melting in the spring, that is, will retain moisture. This event is especially relevant in the winters with little snow.

For February, snowstorms alternating with thaws are characteristic. Such a weather kotovasiya leads to the adherence of a huge amount of snow on the branches of trees. That's why, along with the ramming Do not be lazy to shake the snow, Otherwise its excess will lead to breakage of branches. In addition, it is more necessary for the earth: loose snow protects the roots of plants from freezing in severe frosts.

February is considered a rather snowy month, butAnd at this time there are often clear days. In the afternoon the sun begins to warm up well. At this time, the temperature increases sharply, the soil thaws, and water accumulates on its surface. As a result, plants wake up and start growing.

Such weather can last up to 7-10 days, andThen again colds come back, sometimes even severe frosts. On the surface of the soil appears a crust of ice, which often leads to the inevitable death of perennials, berry, in particular, strawberries, as well as flowers.

Due to temperature differences Trees suffer from frostbite, Sometimes they can freeze the kidneys, and the cortexGets sunburn. This is necessary to follow the whole of February. Burns should be greased as soon as possible with a garden spray. Stubby trees need to be re-whitewashed, if the old whitewashed here and there.

Carry out winter pruning of fruit trees. Do this only during the thaw. This operation can even damage plants if the frost is low.

At the end of the month, vaccinate fruitTrees and cuttings of grapes. Make sure that rodents can not profit rodents. Keep roots with grafted cuttings until spring dug in a little wet sand in a cool place. Do not allow premature opening of the kidneys. To do this, maintain the correct temperature.

The end of the month is the right time for harvesting cuttings. Also look at the cuttings harvested in the fall and add some water to the sand where they are stored.

Fight rodents on the site

February is the time when rodents come toEnd of their edibles and they go out to find food in the orchards. In addition to compacted snow, it is possible to protect plants from hares and mice with spruce lapnik. If the trunks are tied with lapnik from autumn, be sure to review them, and if necessary, update the protection.

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