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What to do in the country in February: Work in the garden and in the garden

What to do in the country in February: Work in the garden and in the garden

In February, the land, despite the low temperature begins to prepare for the arrival of spring. Outwardly, it almost does not manifest itself.

Gardeners open the new season.

Calendar of garden work for February

Be sure to visit your site to check how reliable plants protected from frost. This month, they can be felt,in no other. See if the protective cover in place. Usually the leaves and twigs at the end of the winter can be moved by the wind. If necessary, update the layer or at the time of Nestle plant jute bags.

Work on snow retention. Seal the snow around perennials,fruit trees, ornamental plants and shrubs. Longer potopchites throughout the site. It is well compacted snow and keep it for longer periods of thaw in the spring, that is, delay the moisture. This event is especially important in the winter with little snow.

For the February snowstorm characterized by interspersed with thaws. Such weather Kotovasiya leads to build-up a huge amount of snow on tree branches. That is why, along with compacted do not be lazy to shake the snowOtherwise it will damage the excess branches. Everything else, the land he needed: loose snow protects plant roots from freezing during severe frosts.

February is considered a month is enough snow, butand at this time it is often clear days. The sun is already beginning to warm well. At this time, the temperature increases sharply, the ground is thawing, and accumulates on the surface of water. As a result - the plants wake up and start to grow.

Such weather can stand up to 7-10 days,then back again cold, sometimes even severe frosts. On the soil surface appears a crust of ice that often leads to the inevitable destruction of seedlings perennials, berry fields, in particular strawberries and flowers.

Due to temperature differences Trees affected by frost-crackSometimes they may freeze solid buds and barkgets sunburn. For this you must watch the whole February. Burns should be how to lubricate garden pitch as soon as possible. tree trunks need to re-whiten, if the old whitewash some places crumbled.

Spend the winter pruning of fruit trees. Do this only during the thaw. This operation, even with a small cold can damage the plants.

At the end of the month make vaccination fruittrees and grape cuttings. Keep the cuttings have not been able to profit by rodents. The roots of the grafted cuttings to keep the spring in prikopat slightly moist sand in a cool place. Do not let kidney premature disclosure. To do this, maintain the correct temperature.

end of the month - the right time for harvesting cuttings. Also check out the prepared cuttings in autumn and add a little water in the sand, where they are stored.

Rodent at the site

February - a time when rodents are suitable forthe end of their food stocks and they go to look for food in the orchards. In addition to the compacted snow, protect plants from rabbits and mice can spruce spruce branches. If trunks of spruce branches tied with the fall, be sure to review them and update your protection, if necessary.

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