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What to do in Gorky Park

What to do in Gorky Park

Gorky Park - a popular vacation spot of Muscovites.

Here, have a good time just walking orsunbathing by the pond. You can sit in a cafe or in a movie theater in the open air, cycling, rollerblading, or going down to the river, go on a tour teplohodnuyu.

And it's not all that can be done in Gorky Park.

After almost a complete renovation in 2011Gorky Park was transformed beyond recognition. The administration has decided to abandon the attractions, which, after more than 20 years of service have become a danger to people. In their place appeared trendy open-air cafes and a movie theater, well-area festivals with free sun beds and hammocks, as well as gifts for the fair visitors.

The first stage of reconstruction ended in the autumn of 2011, after which an area of ​​15,000 sq.m. finished artificial ice rink, the largest in Europe. He also became a record for skating duration among public ice rinks. Due to its unique design, you can ride it to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

Park, the entrance to which is free, offersIt offers a range of entertainment, including sports. In this case the prices are quite acceptable, unlike other similar places. In Neskuchny garden built tennis courts and athletic fields Reebok crossfit DropBox and Workout 24 with all necessary equipment:. Barbells, dumbbells, barbells, exercise machines, horizontal bars and other works chess club "White Castle" For lovers of intellectual sport.

Equipped with a playground for beach sports,for which the park brought several tons of sand. Here you can play volleyball, badminton, football and handball. Equipped with space for sunbathing and resting near the pond. You can also free yoga classes at Olive beach with the instructor and listen to performances of jazz musicians.

Gorky Park has an area of ​​almost 100ha, so it is very convenient to not only walk, but also to ride a bicycle, rollerblading and so-called recumbent, especially loved children. For those who do not have their own means of transportation, rental work. They are located in the administration building, at Pioneer Pond and Titovskoe Travel.

Pushkinskaya quay, in one of the pavilionsthe sports center can be booked in the running club. Two route length of 1 km and 3 are laid in the park. Along each have fountains with drinking water, and after the run, you can take a shower at the club and take advantage of a cloakroom.

For those who are not accustomed to part with a laptopeven during rest and likes to occasionally go online, the park is free wi-fi access. For a snack or a full dinner, you can look in the cafe "Muffin" or tea item "Pauerport", and order pancakes, kebabs or a giant sandwich fast food kiosks.

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