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What should I do if my computer will not turn on

What should I do if my computer will not turn on

Computer - this is the main tool in the hands of modern man. That is why his failure is almost panic at his owner.

So, what to do if your computer will not turn on?

Verifying individual computer elements

In order to understand what happened to yourthe computer will have to answer yourself a few questions, carefully inspecting your unit. Firstly, whether the lamp lights on the system unit by pressing the power button? If not, it means that the power supply to it is not fed. The reason for that can be burned as a block of computer power, and poor contact of the power cord that connects to the unit on the rear panel of the system unit. Remove and reinsert the power cable, making sure it is inserted tightly enough. If the computer still does not turn on, you should think about replacing the power supply.
If the power indicator lights up and the monitornothing shows, then pay attention to the monitor indicator that signals the availability of food on it. If the lamp is not lit, you must perform the same operations as in the case of a power failure on the chassis, but in this case you will have to buy a new monitor. If the power light is on and there is no signal, check whether the well-inserted a VGA cable in the monitor and the system unit. If the cable is inserted into a well, the reasons may be several. The simplest case - is damage of the VGA-cable. The worst case - is damage to the motherboard, in particular, damage to the VGA connector, but this rarely happens.
If the computer still starts loading, butat some point stops, you need to understand what kind of stage. This occurs most often at the stage of downloading information from the hard drive. There may be a few problems, chief among them - the problem of the hard drive and non-functional software that is loaded from the hard disk.

Check your computer's operating system health

If you see on the monitor, booting offthe hard disk has begun, but at some point stops, it means that the problem lies in the operating system of your computer. As a rule, the system offers any solutions out of the situation, such as System Restore to roll back or loading it in any special mode. If no such proposals are available, and all you see - is a black screen with strange inscriptions, then you need to reinstall your operating system. This procedure could face loss of information, if you have no experience in pursuing it, so it is best to consult a specialist, who will help to keep your precious files.

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