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WHAT to do if the computer does not turn on


What to do if the computer does not turn on</a>

The computer is the main weapon in the hands of modern man. That is why its failure causes almost a panic in its owner.

So what do you do if your computer does not turn on?

Checking the health of individual computer components

In order to understand what happened to yourComputer, you have to answer yourself a few questions, carefully examining your unit. First, does the light on the system unit light up when the power button is pressed? If not, it means that no power is supplied to it. The reason for this can be both a burned-out computer power supply and a bad power cable contact that connects to the unit on the back of the system unit. Pull and reinsert the power cable, making sure it is firmly seated. If the computer still does not turn on, then it's worthwhile to think about replacing the power supply.
If the power indicator lights up, and the monitorNothing shows, then pay attention to the indicator on the monitor, signaling the presence of power on it. If the light does not light, then the same operations should be performed as in the case of power failure on the system unit, however in this case you will have to purchase a new monitor. In the event that the power indicator is on and there is no signal, check that the VGA cable is well inserted both into the monitor and into the system unit. If the cable is inserted well, there may be several reasons. The simplest case is damage to the VGA cable itself. The worst case is damage to the motherboard, in particular, damage to the VGA connector, but this rarely happens.
If the computer boot does start, butAt some stage it stops, then we need to understand what kind of stage it is. Most often this happens at the stage of loading information from the hard disk. There may be several problems, the main ones being the failure of the hard drive itself and the inoperability of software downloaded from the hard disk.

Checking the health of the computer's operating system

If you see on the monitor that the download from theThe hard disk started, but at some point stops, it means that the problem lies in the OS of your computer. As a rule, the system offers some ways of solving the exit from the situation, for example, restoring the system, rolling back it, or downloading it in some special mode. If there are no such proposals, and all that you see is a black screen with incomprehensible inscriptions, then you need to reinstall the operating system of your computer. This procedure can threaten the loss of information if you do not have experience in conducting it, so it's better to contact a specialist who will help to save your precious files.

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