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What to do if your computer will not turn on

What to do if your computer will not turn on

Each user may have difficulty turning on the computer. It is not always the problem related to its breakdown.

Often the cause may be around the user, or rather, his careless attitude to their own computer.

BIOS signals

If the computer does not turn, but at the same time issuesound signals, the problem can be immediately determined. The computer is equipped with a squeaker sound that alerts the user of potential problems. Depending on the BIOS, on a PC, the signals represent the followings:

AMI Bios - 2, 3 or 4 short beeps alertabout memory problems, 5 short beeps indicate a processor failure, 1 long and 3 short beeps are precursors of a faulty graphics card.

Phoenix BIOS - 1 long and 3 short beeps indicate a fault or no graphics, long and repetitive signals indicate a problem with RAM.

Why does my computer will not turn on

The reasons could be several problems, here are the main ones:

- Problems with voltage 220V-
- The village of battery CMOS-
- Faulty power supply-
- Dust platforms
- Failure of the motherboard.

Problems with stress

It is necessary to check whether the power is supplied to the socketor a surge protector, which is connected to the computer. You can connect to a lamp or a mobile phone. Perhaps the power supply is overloaded, then you need to turn off unnecessary appliances. If these steps do not bring results, then it is necessary to check whether tightly connected all the cables and power cords computer and check itself the power button on your PC.

Power Supply

If everything is normal voltage, immediately standspay attention to the computer power supply. If the working unit on hand there, you can check the voltage set. This is done using an ordinary electric tester. When the power is measured by the voltage between the power supply wires. Between any yellow and black wire should be 12V, between the red and black 5V. Deviations 5-7%. If the indicators are more or less, it is time to change the power supply.

If the computer has more than 3 years, can be seen, so called, sticking process. Then you need to leave your computer on for 10-15 minutes without the power, and then try to turn on.

CMOS Battery

On the motherboard small setlithium battery. It supports non-volatile memory, which stores all the BIOS settings. The battery starts to weaken, when you start your computer resets or errors occur during startup. The battery is easy to replace, it is sold at any computer store.


Perhaps inside the computer it has accumulated a lot of dust. Then it must be shut down, and then clean with a vacuum cleaner and a small brush. Particular attention should be paid to the graphics card, memory slots and coolers.

If after all the manipulations of the computer and notI start, maybe the problem lies in the components, loops, or the motherboard. In such a case would have to call a specialist or take the computer to a service center.

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