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What to do if your computer starts to slow down

If you do not pay enough attention to your computer sooner or later it will start to slow down. Under retardation refers to all kinds hovering and system crashes when using a PC.

To resolve this issue will require a little effort and patience.

The software part

In most cases, the computer starts to slow down because of problems and failures in the software part of it. Decision problems can help the following tips:
- Keep your hard drive clean - install all the software on the PC in a row is not recommended (should be placed on the computer, only those programs that you use) -
- Remove unnecessary programs and games - worthcarefully review the list of programs on your PC and delete those settings that you do not engage (perhaps they were automatically installed by using the Internet) -
- Clean the registry of the operating system - after cleaning the PC registry should be addressed (this can be done with the help of a large number of specialized tools, for example, CCleaner) -
- Remove unnecessary programs from startup (same utility CCleaner will help you with this) -
- Defragment hard disks, do so at least once a month (so all files will be well ordered, and the computer will work faster) -
- Free space on hard drive - the computer on the system drive must be free of at least 5 GB of space (this is necessary for the correct operation of the operating system and installed programs) -
- Disable visual effects, giving the beauty of the operating system (it's all kinds of shadow effects, folding windows, beautiful icons and frames).


Because of computer viruses will beslow down or not function properly. Viruses can take up CPU time PC, and it will not be sufficient for the operating system or program. Of course, it would be easy to buy a licensed antivirus software. But not everyone can afford this pleasure, so you have to use free analogues of known brand of anti-virus applications. Or free utilities.
Upon detection of viruses and accurate confidence in theirpresence easier to reinstall the operating system, and the format the infected disk. You can also remove the hard drive, and for a certain fee to clean it from viruses in a specialized center or from a friend, who has licensed the antivirus program.

Technical part

The computer may slow down due to the strongdust pollution and its internal components. In this case, you need to carefully disassemble the PC, and a small brush carefully clean all visible space dust. Depending on your computer performance and specificity, it is sometimes necessary to change the thermal paste on the CPU and graphics card. If this knowledge you have, you can do the replacement of the cooling paste in person, but in the opposite case, this work should be entrusted to a specialist.

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