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What to do if your computer slows down

What to do if your computer slows down

Braking with your computer may be caused by malfunctions in hardware or software.

Typically, a drop in speed devices arises due to the large amount of accumulated operating system files unnecessary hindering normal operation of the programs.

Why does my computer slows down

During use, a user applicationthe operating system creates a lot of temporary files, which can be useful in case of repeated function calls the called earlier. Some files that store information about it, eventually grow large and are beginning to take longer to load a particular program or system. To increase the performance of your computer and delete all the files, you can use the application to clean your system.
Among the most convenient and easy to use program note CCleaner, which is supported by all Windows operating systems, it allows you to clean unnecessary files in the system.

Installing CCleaner

Download the program from the developer. To delete data from your computer is recommended to use the most recent version of the program to get the most effective results. After the download, run the file and follow the onscreen instructions for installation.

Cleaning system files

Run CCleaner created using the on-screendesktop icons. By default, before you will start to "Cleaning" section, where you can select the user group of unnecessary files that you want to delete.

Operation "Clean free space" can be performed less often than the other procedures for cleaning the system.

Following the prompts on the screen, selectthe desired menu items to remove. You can mark all the items, but it should be noted that the removal of some of the data may have an impact on your system settings. For example, if you select the "Cache size windows", you delete system settings, which relate to adjust the display size of the window when you run a particular application.
After selecting the desired items, click on the button"Analysis" and wait until the operation is completed. Then select "Cleaning" and wait for the appropriate notification of the operation on the screen. Purification is completed. After performing this operation system speed can be much larger.

A large number of processes

Also, the computer may slow down if you are running at the same time a large number of intensive programs. Call the "Task Manager" by pressing the key combination Ctrl, Alt and Del.

The most demanding applications are anti-virus applications, as well as packages for editing graphics, video and games.

Go to the tab "Processes" and seewhat programs spend most of your computer's resources - they will be displayed at the top of the list. Shut down unnecessary applications you to increase the performance of your computer.

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