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WHAT to do if the computer slows down


What to do if the computer slows down</a>

Braking in the computer can be caused by a malfunction in the software or hardware.

As a rule, the drop in speed in the operation of devices arises because of the large number of unnecessary files accumulating in the operating system that interfere with the normal operation of programs.

Why the computer slows down

During the use of applications by the userThe operating system creates a large number of temporary files, which can be useful in case of repeated calls to previously called functions. Some files storing such information, in time, reach large sizes and begin to be downloaded longer by a specific program or system. To increase the efficiency of the computer and delete all these files, you can use the application to clean the system.
Among the most convenient and easy to use programs note CCleaner, which supports all operating systems of the Windows family, it allows you to clean unnecessary files in the system.

Installing CCleaner

Download the program from the developer's site. To delete data from your computer, it is recommended that you use the latest version of the program to get the most effective result. After the download is completed, run the resulting file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Cleaning system files

Run CCleaner using the generated on-screenDesktop icons. By default, the "Cleanup" section will be launched in front of you, where you can select groups of unnecessary files for the user that you want to erase.

The "Clearing free space" operation can be performed less frequently than other operations for cleaning the system.

Following the prompts on the screen, selectNecessary menu items to delete. You can mark all the items, but note that deleting some data can affect your system settings. So, if you select "Window size cache", you will delete the system settings that are related to adjusting the size of the displayed window when you start an application.
After selecting the desired items, click on the button"Analysis" and wait until the end of the operation. Then select "Clear" and wait for the corresponding notification of the operation on the screen. The cleaning is complete. After performing this action, the speed of the system can significantly increase.

A large number of processes

Also, the computer can be slowed down if you run a large number of resource-intensive programs at the same time. Call Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Del.

The most resource-intensive programs are antivirus applications, as well as packages for editing graphics, video and games.

Go to the "Processes" tab and see,Which programs spend the most resources of the computer - they will be displayed at the very top of the proposed list. Shut down the applications you do not need to increase the performance of your computer.

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