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What if your computer crashes frequently

What should I do if my computer crashes frequently

Partly failures occur in any computer.

But what happens if the system crashes constantly, day after day?

In such cases it is important to find the cause of the problem.

Freezing the computer can cause a variety of factors.


These are programs that can harmindividual files or the entire operating system. Virus problem often arises, even before experienced users: the fact that malicious programs are created by skilled programmers who are familiar with his work.
To the computer work is not disrupted dueviruses, it is necessary to put anti-virus software, as well as to follow a few simple rules. In particular, it is recommended to check the download information sources, and to reject all obsessive offers to become a participant draws on the Internet.


Oddly enough, the installation of anti-virus can alsocause frequent freezing the computer. These programs run in the background, ie, constant, mode, therefore consume CPU resources and memory. If these resources are insufficient, there are failures in the system.
Antivirus can be disabled. To do this, go to the system tray (bottom right of the screen), locate the icon of the anti-virus program and change its settings. However, disable this software is not recommended - it is wise to increase the resources of the computer.

Outdated configuration

Settings on your PC may not matchprograms that you use, or games in which you play. As a result - frequent freezing. Get out of the situation can only be by means of an upgrade, ie computer upgrade.
The improvement generally need RAM and CPU. Gamers need a powerful graphics card.


Sometimes there is such a situation: you run a program, but it stops responding to your actions, not responding to button presses and mouse clicks. Shut down the failed program can be forced: come to the aid combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. highlight the problematic application in the list that appears and click "End Task."
If some program crashes regularly, it is better to install new version or completely abandoned in favor of same.

Unnecessary files

Operating System operation leads to a plurality of temporary files. Unnecessary information is completed and the system registry. All this can also cause your computer to hang.
Clean your PC from the "garbage" will help, for example, CCleaner program. It is convenient, easy to use and allows you to quickly get rid of unnecessary data that hinder your work.

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