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What to do if your child has severe vomiting

What to do if your child has severe vomiting

Severe vomiting can be a symptom of an illness. In some cases, vomiting and can be dangerous in itself.

Parents should remember that vomiting is a serious cause for treatment to the doctor.

Nausea and vomiting in children can be a reaction to some traumatic event or be a consequence of serious illness.

The main causes of vomiting

This phenomenon often causes parents fear. They do not know what could be the cause for the vomiting, and whether it is necessary to consult a doctor. The most harmless cause of vomiting - reaction to fright, prolonged crying. In such cases, the nausea passes quickly, and there is no need to refer to a specialist. If vomiting before the child is not subjected to any psycho-emotional shock, then it could be much more serious.
Often using violent vomiting body reactspoisoning low-quality food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. If shortly before the baby to eat products of questionable quality, the parents have every reason to believe that the cause of nausea is precisely this.
In almost all cases of intestinal infectioninfection is accompanied by severe vomiting. In this case the child high fever, diarrhea starts. In this case, the vomiting can be very strong. The child will need immediate medical assistance.
The cause of severe vomiting may alsobecome a head injury, acute surgical disease jam of a foreign body in the airways. All these diseases are serious in themselves. Parents should take care of that kid looked specialist.

What can help a child with severe vomiting?

If before the child start to feel sick, it does notsubjected to any psychological trauma, not experienced climate change, the cause of vomiting can be quite serious. Parents need to be sure to show your baby to specialists. If they believe that might cause vomiting, you should be sure to inform your doctor. This will help to quickly put the correct diagnosis and start treatment.
Medical care will be to removecauses vomiting and help prevent dehydration. Parents should remember that vomiting is dangerous in itself. If a child is sick for more than 3 times a day, it could be the basis for admission. Prevent dehydration help installing drip.
If the case is not so serious, the parentswill be able to hold the prevention of dehydration, and in the home. To do this, you need to give the child to drink as often as possible. It is better to offer him fruit drinks or sweet tea. You can buy in a pharmacy special preparation to be dissolved in water and give the baby to drink several times a day. This will help compensate for a deficiency of sodium and potassium salts in the body.
If severe vomiting is not necessary to give the baby food,if he does not ask. The body should be given the opportunity to cope with nausea and extra meal can become a hindrance to this. If the baby vomited several times and his condition began to deteriorate, it is necessary to urgently call a team ambulance.

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