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WHAT to do if the child does not eat anything


What to do if the child does not eat anything</a>

The child's refusal to eat terrifies mothers and grandmothers, but in most cases it is explained by natural causes and there is no danger to the baby's health.

The situation requires the supervision of the doctor in rare cases- for example, if a child suffers from anemia or hypovitaminosis due to poor appetite, in other cases, parents can usually find out the reasons for refusing food and take measures without involving specialists.

If the appetite is gone suddenly, the cause may beTo be a disease. Loss of appetite accompanied by viral infections, helminthic invasion, diseases of the mouth. Measure the temperature, look at the child's throat and do not make him eat if he is really sick. Refusal of food can also be caused by the stress experienced - troubles at school or in a kindergarten, fright, a change in the habitual situation. Children sometimes temporarily lose their appetite when they start attending school or kindergarten; for sensitive kids, there is enough presence at the quarrel of parents or watching a thriller on TV to lose interest in food for a day or two. Gently find out what frustrated or frightened the child, and try to calm him down.
Carefully study the menu of the child - perhaps youOnly it seems that he does not eat anything. Snacking with juice and fruit, half-eaten cutlets, a few spoonfuls of soup - all this together is a few full meals.
A child may not like the food offered orOne of the ingredients of the dish - it happens that the kid, for example, refuses to eat salad with sour cream, but sliced ​​vegetables without any additives, he tastes with an enviable appetite. Sometimes children are alarmed by the unusual appearance or smell of the dish, too much portion, distracting noisy conditions at the place of eating.
The simplest reason that is usually overlooked isKind of concerned parents - the child does not eat, because he is not hungry. He may not have time to get hungry since the last meal, spend enough energy to once again want to eat, or get carried away by the game and forget about hunger.
You can not force a child to eat, blackmail,Threaten: "Do not eat soup - you will not go to the circus (I will not go for a walk, I will not buy a toy)!". Not the best option and the playing of ideas during a meal, persuasion, bribery. Food should not be associated with either entertainment or psychological pressure.
For lunch or dinner, turn off the TV, move toys and books away - let the child not be distracted.
Do not offer the child many dishes to choose from, notReplace a full dinner with fruit or biscuits. If the children refuse to eat, hoping that instead of soup, mom will give not too useful, but delicious sausages or sweets, let them know that this will not happen.
If the child refuses to eat, do not insist - remove the plate, allow it to get out of the table and offer to eat in an hour or do not offer it until the child asks for food himself.
Babies can be interested in food, laying out onA plate of porridge in the form of funny faces, decorating dishes cut with vegetables or fruits. It is important not to abuse such decorations, otherwise the child may refuse to eat too, in his opinion, dull-looking dishes. Older children can be involved in the cooking process - prepare that at first there will be more confusion in the kitchen, but there will be a prepared salad or fritters with pleasure.

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